Bidvest Noonan Launches Dynamic Workplace

Bidvest Noonan, a provider of facility services in the UK and Ireland, has launched its Dynamic Workplace solution. This intelligence-driven service solution employs cutting-edge sensor-based technology to optimise service performance, resource utilisation, and transform service management and workplace experiences.

Dynamic Workplace utilises LoRaWAN sensors, which employ long-life batteries and Wi-Fi technology, enabling flexible, easy placement throughout facilities without additional power or connectivity needs.

These discreet, wireless sensors provide real-time data on various aspects such as occupancy, temperature, and lighting. By aligning service and resource allocation with actual usage patterns, Dynamic Workplace significantly reduces unnecessary consumption and costs. For example, with Dynamic Workplace, customers can identify when spaces are not in use, allowing them to save on lighting and heating while service teams can reorganise their work plans for greater productivity.

Bidvest Noonan’s Dynamic Workplace solution also enables greater space utilisation. For example, occupancy data can reveal underutilised areas, allowing for a reconfiguration of space to better meet the needs of the workforce or to identify opportunities for energy savings.

The service solution is receiving strong support in the market, particularly in sectors with large facilities such as those in Higher Education. Four large universities have already embraced the company’s technology.

Director of Innovation and Technology, Peter Smyth commented;

“At Bidvest Noonan, we’re excited about the transformative impact of Dynamic Workplace. The initial feedback from our clients, has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve seen customers harness this technology to not only streamline their operations but also to significantly enhance their sustainability efforts.”