Bidvest Noonan Launches Energy Management Service

Energy prices have experienced a steep surge in recent years, prompting businesses to proactively seek effective solutions to mitigate the impact of rising costs. Recognizing this need, Bidvest Noonan has unveiled its cutting-edge Energy Management Service, aimed at helping businesses optimize energy consumption, achieve substantial cost savings, and foster sustainability.

Peter Smyth, Director of Innovation and Technology at Bidvest Noonan, highlighted the significance of the Energy Management service, stating, “Our new Energy Management service will empower customers to tackle energy challenges head-on. In the face of escalating energy prices and persistent market volatility, our mission is to assist customers in reducing their energy consumption, securing the most competitive rates, and attaining their sustainability objectives.”


The newly introduced service simplifies energy management into three pivotal steps:

Contract and Consumption Analysis: Bidvest Noonan’s expert energy management teams conduct an exhaustive evaluation of customers’ existing energy contracts and consumption patterns, identifying areas with potential for substantial financial improvement.

Supplier Negotiation: Leveraging its market position, Bidvest Noonan negotiates with energy suppliers on behalf of its customers, securing the best prices and contract terms available in the market.

Contract Finalization and Monitoring: Bidvest Noonan’s proficient team facilitates a seamless transition to the chosen energy supplier while continuously monitoring market trends and managing contract renewals, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery at the lowest possible cost.


Through the energy management service, Bidvest Noonan enables its customers to align their energy procurement with their sustainability goals by sourcing energy from providers committed to sustainable practices.

“Bidvest Noonan remains committed to assisting businesses in navigating these challenging times,” emphasized Smyth. “With our expertise and this innovative solution, we are poised to unlock significant cost savings for our customers while making meaningful contributions to a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.”

In addition to the energy management service, Bidvest Noonan also offers an energy audit service that identifies potential energy-saving projects. These initiatives encompass a wide range of solutions, including lighting upgrades, solar installations, EV charging systems, and more. By embracing these projects, businesses can achieve enhanced environmental efficiency and further reduce costs.

Mary Kealy, Managing Director of Bidvest Noonan’s Workplace Solutions, emphasized the company’s commitment to adding value for its customers. Kealy stated, “Our new energy management service represents another milestone in our continuous mission to provide exceptional support for our customers. It underscores our unwavering dedication to consistently explore innovative ways of assisting them and propelling their success.”

With the launch of its Energy Management Service, Bidvest Noonan empowers businesses to take control of their energy costs, optimize their sustainability efforts, and navigate a dynamic energy landscape with confidence.