Interconnective launch the Xumo3 a portable remote alarm and video system in a box

As an optional extra a robust carry case can be supplied with the  Xumo3
As an optional extra a robust carry case can be supplied with the Xumo3

Interconnective Security Products has today launched the Xumo3 a GPRS/3G/ Wi-Fi Portable Video & Alarm System. In a fast moving security industry where customer requirements change at short notice, versatile, rapid deployment equipment is essential. The smart European manufactured CE Certified Xumo3 provides a portable solution for alarm, data and image transfer applications which include in or outdoor applications. The Xumo3 combines the latest alarm, surveillance and mobile technologies into a single unit. The Xumo3 has the capability of recording and transmitting live and still images to smart phones or computers. The Xumo3 also has the functionality to operate as a network camera transmitting over wired or wireless (WiFi) networks. The Xumo3 is likely to become a key element of the keyholding and patrol drivers’ armoury.

Bobby Logue - Managing Director of Interconnective Limited
Bobby Logue - Managing Director of Interconnective Limited

Interconnective’s Bobby Logue commented; “The Xumo3 is part of our strategy to focus on smart and value added products that we supply to the UK security services sector. An important ingredient in our selection process of suppliers is to identify UK or EU companies with a commitment to R & D. The Xumo3 pressed all the right buttons. This is our third smart product launched this year with two exciting smart products to follow in September and October.”

Other smart products launched by Interconnective this year include;

The Vigilant-i Real Time Video Analytic Software which automatically identifies salient events in a real time video stream, guiding an active camera to record such events in high resolution. This allows the operator to determine whether each event presented requires further scrutiny and subsequent action. This provides security and safety teams with real time information allowing proactive decisions to be made which could prevent injury and loss of life.

The Adams Metal Detector with Proximity Sensing is a new concept hand held metal detector (HHMD). Its technology and performance is primarily designed for general search applications (frontline security, airport security, high throughput public events etc.) The detector’s new innovative development in metal detection technology is with the addition of a proximity sensor that allows the user (and supervisors) the ability of continuously observing, by means of a blue indicator LED, that the detector is at the correct distance from the subject being screened to enable the metal detection sensor technology to detect all required items on the person.

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