OKQ8, Apoteket, FOREX, DocMorris Apotek and Bilia have all chosen Loomis to supply their cash handling services

LoomisTo date, during the month of September, and partly as a result of changes in the Swedish cash handling industry, Loomis has signed agreements with several new clients in Sweden: OKQ8, Apoteket AB, the car dealership chain Bilia, the pharmacy chain DocMorris Apotek and FOREX Bank, to name but a few. These agreements have all been reached for cash handling services and will come into effect immediately. In addition, negotiations are underway with other, well-known companies. The agreements represent a strengthening of Loomis’ leading position as the Specialist in cash handling.

Patrik Högberg, Country President of Loomis Sverige AB, stated, “We are proud that a number of large, nationwide and cash-intensive companies have chosen Loomis to take care of their cash handling services. This is recognition that our infrastructure and organization covering the entire country more than meets the demands of companies located throughout Sweden.”

The base for Loomis’ operations is a safe, secure, reliable and efficient handling of the cash and valuables circulating in society. In order for all links in the cash handling chain to work together, Loomis has established cash centers in 12 locations throughout Sweden. Our customer base is comprised of all types of companies and organizations in need of cash handling services.

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