Body Cameras Reduce Verbal Abuse By 60%

A dramatic reduction of 60% in the level of verbal abuse was achieved by the SIA Approved Contractor, ISS Mediclean, at the Chelsea & Westminster hospital during an 8 week trial using body worn video equipment to record incidents. The Robocam mobile CCTV units, supplied by Interconnective Limited, are being used extensively by UK Police forces and also being introduced into the private security sector. The trial has demonstrated the equipment to be effective when dealing with acts of violence, aggression and anti social behaviour. ISS Mediclean is currently finalising deployment of the Robocam body cameras throughout its business with the first two sites being the Chelsea & Westminster and Worcester Hospitals.

Trevor Post, Security Manager, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, agrees: “The body cameras have reduced our incidents of verbal abuse by 60% and recorded incidents of aggression by 29%. We are now looking to purchase permanent units for the hospital”

Nick Holden, Head of Security for ISS Mediclean, comments: “We understand that as a preferred ‘Supplier of Choice’, we need Security Services which provide our clients with controls that ensure the safest environment possible. We look to use not just a manned presence to prevent and deter crime but to link this with technology based systems to support both ISS Mediclean and its clients in providing the best customer experience possible. Whilst the company appreciates the sensitivity surrounding security in hospitals we strongly believe that it is necessary to have clear and objective goals which fulfill the needs of the Trust, patients and other stakeholders. We believe that the technology based systems we use do not just improve the security of a hospital but have a positive impact upon all clinical and non clinical departments. I believe that the use of body camera technology will greatly reduce incidents of violence, aggression and acts of anti social behaviour whilst supporting the Police and NHS prosecutions against those who commit crime.”

As well as the body cameras ISS Mediclean has been working hard over the last 12 months to ensure its officers have the best training and equipment available to deal with the volatile environment they have to work in. Nick Holden concludes: “As well as the body cameras all the officers wear the last technology in body armour also supplied by Interconnective Ltd and received physical intervention training to nationally recognized standards. We also have just had a single batch of 47 security officers complete the Level 2 Security Practitioner qualification and look to complete the rest by the end of the year”.

ISS Mediclean have specialised in providing customised Security Service Solutions to the NHS since 1984. In September 2005, ISS Mediclean made a corporate decision to employee a security professional to guide them through the changes which were brought about by the Private Security Act 2001 and also to further develop its Security Services within the Healthcare market place. Since then the security services belonging to ISS Mediclean have not looked back.

ISS Mediclean was one of the first one hundred companies to achieve Approved Contractor Status, adding CCTV to its man guarding ACS Status within a year. ISS Mediclean are proud of its achievements and professional standing within the Healthcare sector and with the support of its Business Innovation and Security Advisory teams continue to push its service standards higher year on year.

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