Women in Security Awards

Elizabeth France CBE
Elizabeth France CBE

The ‘Women in Security Awards’ were started in 2013 to celebrate and recognise the accomplishments, value and contributions women make within the private security industry and wider security industry.

The SIA supports the Women in Security Awards; as Regulator it is committed to equality and diversity within the private security industry. The research conducted by the SIA in April 2015, which looked at gender and other protected characteristics, revealed that only 9% of the SIA’s licence holders are women.

The Chair of the SIA Elizabeth France, who is one of the Women in Security Awards judges, wants to encourage the private security industry to nominate the women they work with. In particular, those women who go above and beyond what is required of them to contribute to the wider world of security, the security profession, or the private security industry. She commented that:

“This will be my third year as a Judge for this award. In each of the previous years I have been impressed by the quality of the nominations and humbled by some of the actions described. We have far too few women in the private security industry but those who are a part of it are making a significant contribution. I am looking forward to seeing an even bigger field than in previous years, and to celebrating the success of the winners. All who are nominated are role models for future women in security.”

The awards are given to women in the following categories: –

• Security Manager
• Contribution to the private security industry
• Frontline Officer

Nominations of women are very welcome, whether a CEO, chair, managing director of a security company; or a security professional working within the security department of a commercial company, public sector, private security industry or the wider world of security.

The judges are leaders in bodies across the wider security industry and past judges have been from the Security Industry Authority, International Professional Security Association, the Association of Security Consultants, the Security Institute and more.

Nominations close Friday 19 August 2016.

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