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SIA launches new counter-terrorism e-learning on 10th September
Today, Friday 10 September, the Security industry Authority (SIA) is launching Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) Security e-learning for security professionals. The SIA developed the new training in partnership with the National Counter Terrorism Security Office and the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure. ACT Security is free, specialised training for front line security operatives. The custom-built training provides up-to-date counter-terrorism knowledge to help operatives prepare for and respond to terrorist incidents whils...
The SIA announces changes to the new Close Protection Qualification Launch Date
Change to the launch date for the new Close Protection qualification The SIA has extended the introduction of the updated Close Protection qualification to 01 April 2022. The new implementation date will allow for full testing of the new skills before they are introduced. They will run a pilot in early 2022 with selected training centres. This will enable those delivering the qualification to provide feedback on the new bespoke physica...
Consultation on Top-Up training for license holders launched by SIA
As has been announced previously, requirements for applying for an SIA license will be changing effective April 2021. In order to ensure that new applicants and existing license holders will have comparable knowledge and expertise, the SIA has been reviewing how best to bring current holder up to speed. As part of this process, they announced on Wednesday ...
Wilson James launches new Risk Advisory service.

On the 7th of January 2020, Wilson James announced its plans to launch its’ new risk advisory business. The new unit will focus on helping clients improve their risk management processes. The new business will include 4 core functions, Security Consultancy, Intelligence, Protection/Bodyguard Services and Training.

The Risk Advisory Service will aim to work in concert with existi...