Advance Security Advances into the Public Sector

Advance Security has extended its operations into the public sector with two prestigious local authority contracts. In a three year deal, with the option to extend for a further two years, Advance has been awarded a major contract to provide CCTV operatives for a new state of the art communications centre owned by the Metropolitan Borough Council of Calderdale. The £550,000 centre will monitor CCTV cameras, security radios and emergency telephones, with an aim to cut crime across the Borough, making Calderdale a safer place in which to live, work and visit.  All images taken from the CCTV will be transmitted to the communications centre which has direct video links to West Yorkshire Police, use of Airwave radio communication, and Shop Watch Radio operated by Halifax Town Centre Management.

Further plans to extend the scheme to include the monitoring of housing estates, health centres, rail and bus stations, and roadside speed cameras are in the pipeline should the operation prove to be a success. Advance will be responsible for the recruitment, monitoring and training of officers to man the communications centre, ensuring that the high-tech equipment is in experienced hands.  In a separate three year contract worth more than £230,000, Advance has been chosen to provide static security guarding services to the White Lund Council depot in Lancaster.  The depot, which houses council transport equipment, will receive 24/7 manned guarding and CCTV monitoring. Richard Bailey, Managing Director of Advance Security comments “We are delighted to have been awarded the Calderdale and Lancaster contracts.  Advance Security is an industry leader in the provision of manned guarding and security services to businesses across the UK and we are confident of our ability to transfer this experience into the Public Sector.”

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