Geonovo goes green

Geonovo Ltd has redesigned the packaging for its Romad RSP-100 lone worker protection device as part of an ongoing effort to reduce the Company’s carbon footprint.

“The combined weight of the RSP-100 and its packaging is now 39% less than it was previously,” said Peter Lusty, Geonovo’s Chief Executive. “The packaging is recyclable but we have nevertheless taken the opportunity to minimise the amount of materials necessary to deliver the RSP-100 to customers in good working order. With thousands of RSP-100s being sold every year, this will have  a significant effect on our carbon footprint by substantially reducing our distribution requirements as the reduced packaging means fewer pallets are required to deliver large numbers of RSP-100’s to Geonovo’s distributors.”

The Romad RSP-100 has the potential to save lives as well as reduce operational costs for companies which takes advantage of its workforce optimisation functions. With reduced packaging, the RSP-100 is now also able to play a part in saving the environment.

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