Vigilant Systems cuts the cost of security systems with new Proraidserver DVR solution

Vigilant Systems, a leading British designer and manufacturer of DVR solutions, has announced the immediate availability of the PRORAIDSERVER, a new high performance system.  This innovative hybrid system offers both DVR and NVR functionality and provides increased storage and processing power at up to 50% of the cost of comparable systems.  It will meet the security requirements of organisations operating in a wide range of market sectors including retail, local government, transport and hospitality.

According to Paul Meredith, Technical Director of Vigilant Systems:  “PRORAIDSERVER has not only been designed in the UK, but it is also manufactured and supported in the UK by Vigilant Systems.  This enables us to ensure that this new generation solution has the functionality and resilience to meet a wide range of security applications.”

The PRORAIDSERVER is compatible with all brands of analogue cameras as well as many of the major brands of IP-Cameras.  It is very easy to use with a familiar Windows-based look and feel and can be specified in a range of flexible configurations from 16 to 48 bays.  Up to 48 terabytes of internal storage capacity can be specified and also additional external storage to a maximum of 92 terabytes to meet the increasing demand for the storage of high quality HD images at up to 1600 fps.  The system can be managed locally or by using a laptop, over a network or via the internet making it ideal for multi-site organisations.

The system uses the latest Intel iCore processors enabling a single server to handle 64 simultaneous IP streams, more than double the capacity of comparable systems.  This additional processing power also enables Vigilant Systems’ new hybrid DVR to provide simultaneous viewing of live images, playback of recorded images, remote viewing, recording and system backup.   Vigilant Systems is committed to utilising the latest high power processors as soon as they are available without the time delays usually associated with larger manufacturers. 

The system not only provides full redundancy to protect valuable data but it is also designed for quick and easy maintenance with hot swappable hard drives and power supplies to ensure uninterrupted operation around the clock.  Vigilant Systems manufactures the PRORAIDSERVER to provide industry-leading levels of reliability with a failure rate of less than 1% in the first 12 months, a considerably better performance than standard industry rates.

Video Analytics, ANPR and Point Of Sale applications are also available as value added options to deliver further key functionality to end users.   They integrate fully with the PRORAIDSERVER providing a low-cost way of enhancing system functionality.  Video Analytics provides detailed information on footfall, moving objects, trip wires and directional violations whilst the Point of Sale application includes till integration with fully searchable recordings of all transactions.  Further significant savings can be achieved as Vigilant Systems does not require users to purchase licenses which can typically cost over £1000 per year for even a simple four channel system.

Vigilant Systems provides installers with high levels of pre and post sales support including assistance with demonstrations and system specifications to meet the needs of individual applications.  The in-built redundancy and hot swappable components reduce the level of investment usually required for spare units.  Should a system have to be returned to Vigilant Systems for repair, the company provides a rapid and responsive service with most units returned within 48 hours, a process that can take up other suppliers up to four months to achieve.  Vigilant Systems also provides a full remote management support service to assist users with operational questions or resolve system configuration issues.

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