Wilson James launches Carbon Aware Patrol System

Four years of partnership with a supplier, extensive research and brainstorming led Wilson James (WJ) to the development of a value adding Carbon Aware module to their innovative patrol system. WJ has always regarded themselves as being at the cutting edge of the security industry creating innovative concepts in human resources, customer services and operational systems. This belief has been underpinned with numerous industry awards recognising their creative approach. This culture was the catalyst in the search for a different patrol solution, says Vaughan Bramley – WJ Risk and Technology Manager, which began in 2006 with four non negotiable benchmarks; “The system must be able to track a patrolling officer in as near to real time as was possible, be able to automatically compile reports and deliver them automatically by email for auditing purpose and finally the system must be able to offer added value to the patrols and our customers in some way.”
Partnership and Extensive Research
“Our long and detailed searches lead us to m-Power, which started the successful relationship that has now developed and grown over the last 3 years between m-Power and Wilson James.” Continued Bramley, ”during those years we soon realised that what we had, was a product that was not just a patrol tracking tool, but a more powerful officer’s patrolling tool. Because it was software driven, we discovered that we could develop with m-Power applications on the system that would allow the officers to carry out smart tasks whilst on patrol. For example, they could carry out checks on first aid boxes and automatically record and report deficiencies to FM using the PDA. They could check on the maintenance and condition of fire appliances and again record and automatically deliver the reports to the relevant parties, be it Security Control, the Security Manager or the customer and/ or their staff. Over the years m-Power worked with us to develop numerous applications that made patrols smarter, more useful, and more productive and above all that gave added value to the customer”

Brainstorming and Innovation

Bramley then went on to describe how he and a colleague Matt Rogers started working on the Carbon Aware project; “Matt had come up with the idea of officers carrying out Carbon Aware patrols and recording what appliances they had turned off and at what time. With this data he believed that he could then produce a report that could show the savings that were made and that could be made by our officers, in both monetary terms and also in carbon footprint terms. We immediately saw that this had great potential and something that we may be able to incorporate using the m-Power system. M-Power were contacted and worked with Matt and myself to put together the concept and to finally produce the application which we then trialled at three of our sites in London. The results showed an overwhelming success. Where our officer was allowed to switch electrical appliances off, such as lights, photocopiers, fan heaters, fans, monitors and plasma screens, the savings were clear to see. The system recorded the type of appliance and the time the appliance was switched off. From this, the system automatically worked out how much carbon footprint and how much money had been saved by the officer’s actions. The system then collated all the information for all the appliances that were switched off and produced a report which was then automatically emailed by 08:00hrs the following morning to the interested, relevant parties. The way the Carbon Aware application is used is that an officer could designate any patrol as a Carbon Aware patrol by selecting the Carbon Aware choice on the handset.”

Award Winning

“Wilson James / m-Power system with its Carbon Aware application has been nominated as finalists in two categories of the Security Excellence Awards, these being, Integrated Security Solution of the Year and  Environmental Initiative of the year” a very proud Vaughan Bramley concluded.

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