Adept Corporate Services Release New “Adepting to Change,” Podcast.

Adept Corporate Services who operate in the United Kingdom’s manned guarding sector, launched a podcast series early in 2024. This move makes them the first company in the manned guarding industry to venture into podcasting, reflecting their commitment to exploring new platforms for engagement.

The primary aim was to find a modern and easily accessible way to communicate with colleagues, the workforce, and a broader audience. A podcast was chosen as the ideal platform for Adept Corporate Services to achieve this. In its first eight episodes they discussing various topics related to Adept and addressing some of the industry’s pressing issues.

The podcast, titled “Adepting to Change,” has released eight episodes, each exploring different aspects of the industry. Following strong initial listening figures on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Podbean, the presenting trio of Alex McMahon, Nick Cooper, and Alan Brierley launched the Adept YouTube channel, where episodes from the third onward are now available to watch.

The show has been well-received by both colleagues and a wider audience, attracting significant attention. Despite having only eight episodes, the podcast has already received an award nomination. It contributed to Adept’s nomination for ‘Colleague Engagement within a Large Organisation’ at the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter Awards for 2024.

Nick Cooper, Adepts Managing Director & Podcast co-host commented ‘’We were all a little bit nervous at first about getting behind the microphone. Alex, Alan & I had no experience at all in podcasting, so this was a real stab in the dark. We wanted to put out quality content with insightful information for our colleagues, but also whilst making sure we were able to captivate and keep our audience tuned in! We were all relieved when we saw how well the first couple of episodes had been received, so taking this on to video was an easy decision for us. We have had some terrific guests on so far, and the plan is to keep pushing forwards with the concept, bring on more guests and we certainly aim to tackle some of the taboo topics in the industry!’’

Alex McMahon, the show’s host added ‘’It’s been brilliant to be able to bring this new concept to life! It was a bit of a gamble for us, I did worry we would be sat talking to ourselves with no one listening but fortunately it’s been well received. It’s great that we can share to wider audience the wonderful things Adept are doing and the progress we are making. Plans are well underway for more guests and more episodes throughout the rest of the year’’