Amthal adds surveillance to expanding Butterfield Business Park

Amthal Fire and Security LogoButterfield Business Park, a prominent commercial property located in Luton, has undertaken expansion initiatives, including the installation of advanced security measures by Amthal. The park, managed by Lambert Smith Hampton, a renowned UK real estate consultancy, occupies a spacious site spanning 24 acres and houses a diverse range of high-quality commercial buildings.

With over 20 businesses currently operating within the park, Butterfield Business Park provides office spaces that range from 500 to 15,000 square feet. To enhance security and instill confidence among businesses and visitors, Amthal was selected as the preferred security partner. Amthal’s scope of work encompassed all facets of security installation and maintenance, covering perimeter security as well as internal business protection. The comprehensive security solution included the implementation of intelligent CCTV systems, ANPR technology, and access control measures.

Paige, Facility Manager – Property Management FM at Lambert Smith Hampton, expressed satisfaction with the security program executed by Amthal at Butterfield Business Park. The implemented system continues to provide a comprehensive and reliable security solution, ensuring peace of mind for businesses, employees, and visitors alike. Paige emphasized the scalability of the security system, which is a significant advantage as the park undergoes expansion. This scalability guarantees the integration of the latest technology to meet evolving security requirements. The recent addition of two wireless CCTV columns further augments the surveillance capabilities on-site. The incorporation of instant voice activation alongside visual surveillance equips the on-site team with the capability to remotely monitor the premises and promptly respond to any incidents that may arise.