Amulet launches situational awareness programme Project Blueprint

Amulet_security_logoAmulet, the specialist security arm of The Churchill Group, has launched an exclusive security platform called Project Blueprint. It will deliver a real-time situational awareness and an integrated understanding of operational activity, during business as usual and emergencies. For the first time, this will enable Amulet clients and the private sector to further enhance the safety of their employees, customers, public and buildings.

Project Blueprint is an initiative powered by a tablet-based situational awareness application from Airbox Systems.  Such tools are predominantly used by public sector emergency and security agencies.

In recent years, numerous public organisations have implemented the Project Blueprint situational awareness tool. One such example is the East of England Ambulance Service Trust (EEAST), which integrated the tool into its Resilience and Specialist Operations team in 2018. Key personnel have tablets running the software and feedback of EEAST users found that 91 percent believe the solution enables effective briefing on the move, while 83 percent said it improves confidence in managing risk.


Amulet is delighted to exclusively introduce Project Blueprint to the private security market. The goal of Project Blueprint is to transform security effectiveness for organisations and engender a security culture that will result in a safer future for all. This will be achieved by:


  • Reducing corporate risk through lessening the likelihood of litigation and supporting reputation management
  • Demonstrating preparedness and evidencing testing and exercises by integrating all the key elements ready for new legislation
  • Creating a critical link in times of crisis or emergency with response services, and opening up lines of communication for situational command and management
  • Enabling organisations to better manage their security through informed decisions, whether that be in-house or with a security partner
  • Creating a culture of security and raising awareness of preparedness and continuous improvement
  • Creating environments to ensure people are and feel safe
  • Providing a resource management tool resulting in greater effectiveness from the security function

Darren Read, managing director at Amulet, said: “The need for superior situational awareness for informed decision making has never been greater. We’re proud to be bringing this advanced platform to the private sector with a view to creating a safer future for all. The benefits for users are numerous, including improved preparedness in line with future Protect Duty legislation, reduced costs and, most importantly, improved safety. We consider it our duty to make the platform accessible as it will truly transform how we prepare for all eventualities, protect lives and livelihoods, and prevent significant loss.”