Churchill Group launches guest offering brand, On Verve

Churchill_group_logoChurchill Group, one of the largest independently owned soft service providers in the UK, has announced the launch of On Verve, a new guest services offering. On Verve will be headed up by Bianca Angelico, who will move from her role of director of guest services at Churchill’s security arm Amulet.

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease and more people return to the workplace, guest services have arguably one of the most important roles in ensuring a safe and successful return for building occupants. With no new entrant to the front of house market since 2015, On Verve will both fill a need and bring a fresh approach, with the core ethos of being ‘the makers of someone’s day’.

On Verve ‘Daymakers’ will serve employees and guests, making their experiences truly positive ones. They will be ingrained in their environments to ensure they are fully in-tune with guests, offering a personalised experience down to the smallest details. The Daymakers will be delivering the employee and guest services that include workplace and community management, event management, meeting room management, AV, help desks, concierge services, receptions and switchboard.

Many companies will be adopting a hybrid working model post-pandemic, which raises questions about how remote workers can feel connected to their workplace. On Verve will utilise a blend of in-person and technology to offer optimum customer support, including to those working remotely or at home. This blend will be adaptable for each client and workplace to curate their ideal solution, a recognition of the fact that every workplace is different, as are the requirements of its occupants.

On Verve will sit alongside the suite of other Churchill facilities management services. It is the result of recognising a need from existing clients, meeting that need and then exceeding it through Churchill’s value of ‘Seek Better’. On Verve will integrate alongside existing Churchill services to offer a seamless experience to clients, or can be offered as a standalone service, and cements Churchill’s position as a leading FM provider in the UK.

Angelico has vast experience in the facilities management and guest services sectors, having helped to set up and run guest services programmes that work in tandem with other building management and occupant experience amenities in previous roles.

Bianca Angelico, Director at On Verve, said: “We are truly excited to be launching a new guest services offer. We have built our offer from the ground up so that it supports the current and future workplace demands, by harmoniously blending people and technology. On Verve is all about creating the right energy and atmosphere that makes any workplace a destination for employees and guests. We can’t wait to start making your day.’’