Atrium Hotel Entrusts Amthal with Fire Safety Excellence

Contemporary Atrium Hotel has put its trust in Amthal Fire and Security to deliver an enhanced fire safety maintenance service, for the safety of staff and guests.

Ensuring fire safety measures are compliant to the latest legislation, the hotel site team worked closely with Amthal to develop a complete maintenance programme.

Amthal’s status as an approved Honeywell Gent partner enabled it to utilise Honeywell’s Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) for Atrium Hotel. Honeywell’s CLSS is an all-in-one cloud platform to maintain the fire systems across the hotel facilities and maximise performance, with minimal disruption to the hotel’s operations.

Francisco Quintero, Maintenance Manager at The Atrium Hotel Heathrow commented: “The hotel is built on a commitment to exceptional service, ensuring every aspect of a stay is seamlessly taken care of. Whilst its core objective is to offer the latest and contemporary amenities; the safety and security of our hotel experience is critical.

“From an operational efficiency and compliance perspective, we needed to ensure the right approach to maintaining our fire safety systems. Amthal offered advice and practical support on how this could be achieved remotely, with Honeywell CLSS. It enables real-time visibility to enhance timely, accurate decision-making by on-premises and remote staff, a great benefit to us all.”

As an approved Honeywell Gent partner, Amthal can present CLSS to maintain all fire systems across the site, alongside testing emergency lighting, emergency voice communications and regular fire door testing. This provides a complete and compliant fire protection service for The Atrium Hotel.

Mark Hunter, Honeywell Gent Business Manager added: “Fire safety is one of the biggest challenges presented in any hotel environment. The need to balance an ongoing welcoming and relaxing environment that doesn’t compromise on the safety of guests.  

“What Amthal demonstrates at The Atrium Hotel is the importance of not just installing the right specification of systems, but also maintaining them to maximise performance. This can be achieved with CLSS remotely to ensure less disruption and time on site from testing, with push notification of events to mobile devices to alert staff of any specific findings. It all comes together to achieve undisputable compliance from the hotel perspective.”

David Williamson, Amthal Sales Manager concludes: We are proud to partner with The Atrium Hotel to ensure their fire safety systems are not only up to date but also maintained to the highest standard.

“By leveraging the capabilities of Honeywell CLSS, we can provide a seamless and efficient maintenance service that aligns with the hotel’s commitment to safety and excellence. With total protection and guaranteed compliance, staff can be assured of fire safety maintenance measures in place. And they can focus on serving guests, allowing them to enjoy all the facilities and services available.”