Bidvest Noonan’s Altius VR Onboards 1,600 Officers In Phase One

Bidvest Noonan has launched its VR training programme, Altius, with more than 1,600 security officers onboarded for phase one of the programme. Altius see security officers train in virtual environments using VR headsets. These environments are perfect replicas of their actual workplaces, each recreated from real settings with advanced 3D camera technology.

The training immerses officers in highly realistic simulations where they are challenged to resolve a wide range of security issues, developing their skills, and honing their reactions in a low-risk environment. Through the creation of vivid deeply engaging experiences, Bidvest Noonan’s Altius aims to close the gap between training and the real world.

The officers are using VR headsets which have been designed by Meta to be lightweight, ergonomic highly performant. The headsets and their accompanying wireless handheld controllers are shipped to Bidvest Noonan’s sites enabling officers to access bespoke immersive training where they work. This means the programme can scale to tens of thousands while the company can measure performance down to the individual level, pinpointing specific aspects of training an officer needs help with, and ensuring each officer can get the best possible outcome.

There is robust evidence supporting the effectiveness of VR training. According to a PwC study, VR not only enhances participant confidence by up to 40% compared to traditional methods but also achieves significant cost savings and greater emotional engagement when scaled. Learners complete training four times faster and are substantially more focused and inclusive post-training.

Raj Pradhan, Operations Director and Altius lead at Bidvest Noonan commented “Our Altius programme delivers an unparalleled learning experience and unmatched results. We have found that our officers are eager and excited to participate. They emerge from their training with more skills and confidence than can be achieved through conventional classroom and online approaches. Our programmes have been carefully designed to ensure our officers have all of the skills they need to perform at the highest levels and we are very impressed with the improvements we have seen in officers who have completed the programme.”

Liz Cummins, Managing Director added “This technology is enabling us to close the gap between the training room and real-world situations. We are excited about the difference it is making for our people and the benefits it is delivering for all the customers who adopted it. We believe that in the coming years, more companies in our industry will develop and deploy VR training programmes and this will substantially improve security and service quality across the industry.”