Bold Communications at launch of new Mitie security hub

Bold staff were on hand to support the launch of Mitie’s new multi million pound alarm receiving centre and security hub at Craigavon, Northern Ireland.  Known as MiTec, the new monitoring facility is one of the most advanced security centres in the UK, providing a range of services to help businesses protect their personnel and premises.  These will include 24 hour remote alarm and CCTV monitoring of sites and buildings, lone worker protection and real time vehicle tracking, all in close co-operation with the police and other emergency services.

Monitoring and response across 4,000 MITIE contracts will all be managed from within the highly secure facility.  As a FTSE 250 business with over 60,000 people and revenues in excess of £1.7bn, the Company has conceived the project as part of a strategy to add value at the highest level, with practical management expertise and the goal of saving clients’ money and energy requirements.  Stunning control room design with operator workstations designed as multi-task pods have been combined with advanced site security to enable the outsourcing company to establish a unique facility.

Bold’s Gemini integrated solution was selected to provide the platform for alarm and CCTV monitoring.  Designed as a modular and multi-protocol solution, Gemini supports all commonly used security products monitored within the ARC sector.  The software has been developed in the .NET environment which makes it possible to create advanced applications quickly and efficiently.  Gemini can handle legacy equipment as well being new technology ready and is becoming the de facto standard in the ARC market.

The system features, including automated alarm handling, scheduled and customised reporting, client web access and task management, are designed to support an efficient and systematic monitoring operation, particularly given the scale and range of services being offered by MiTec.     

Mitie Technical Manager, Robert McAllister commented, “We have very specific requirements, offering a wide range of innovative services to a large and diverse group of customers, and we need to be able to deliver the high level of service demanded by our customers.  Gemini fits these requirements, is clearly a very well thought out solution and, while being a top end monitoring product, is at the same time accessible to all levels of control room operator.  Taken together with their comprehensive technical back up, we had clear and compelling reasons for selecting Gemini.” 

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