CCTV friends reunited as Kirk snapped up by 360 Vision

It is a case of friends reunited as 360 Vision Technology, the UK’s number one CCTV manufacturer, moved fast to snap up the services of Adrian Kirk as their new sales manager, reuniting Adrian with the Predator camera he has already spent several years promoting.

Adrian is a well respected figure in the industry, having spent the last 15 years as a national sales and business development manager for some of the biggest names in security technology, including Crime Prevention Services, PMD Technologies, Leerose Integrated Systems and Reliance Security Services and is now further enhancing his credentials in electronic security.

360 Vision Technology’s flagship Predator camera was the star performer with Adrian’s former company, so it is very much a case of CCTV friends reunited as Adrian needs no introduction to the benefits and advantages of the product and has been able to hit the ground running. Adrian, 41, joins 360 Vision Technology in the wake of RapidVu’s closure following the sad death of chairman Peter Beare in July.

“It is a great feeling to be joining the manufacturers of Predator,” said Adrian when commenting on his appointment. “This camera needs no introduction and its quality and performance made it the top product during my time at RapidVu. Peter (Beare) was an irreplaceable figure and many in the industry remain shocked at his passing. He was a rock to me and committed to the Predator Camera, so it feels right to be continuing to support 360 Vision Technology and this visionary CCTV product.”

A well established, world class CCTV manufacturer, 360 Vision Technology produce high quality security systems utilising the firm’s technical expertise and industry experience, with a research department that is second to none. The Predator is such a sophisticated product that Adrian’s former company had no problems in establishing its benefits as a rugged, practical CCTV system which is helping protect police, prison, utility and MOD sites across the UK.

As existing public space cameras reach the end of their service life, Adrian will be working closely with Local Authorities across the UK and Ireland to provide a viable and rugged alternative to the normal commercial grade dome cameras which can be more costly to maintain and vulnerable to attack.

“I’m proud to be back promoting an amazing UK designed and manufactured product,” added Adrian. “This is not just a question of patriotism, either. Having a UK based development team means a superior customer service and response and that the adoption of new features is quick. This has allowed for the fast evolution of the Predator range and is already providing end users with some major technical advantages and I’m looking forward to continuing to extol the virtues of the product in the weeks and months ahead.”

When not at the office, his love of sports, keep-fit and amateur dramatics takes up much of Adrian’s leisure time, although as the 360 Vision Technology sales manager charged with introducing the latest CCTV technology to potential new customers, Adrian will rarely be away from his desk for very long!

Adrian’s appointment is the first in a number of key senior positions 360 Vision Technology is creating to take advantage of the continuing growth in the CCTV marketplace.

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