Churchill Group’s launches Covid-19 symptom tracker application

Churchill_group_logoOn Monday the 11th of May 2020, the Churchill group launched a new Coronavirus tracking application via their digital platform, Mo:dus. The aim of this app is to help trace and curb the proliferation of Covid-19 in the UK.

Churhill employees will be encouraged to report any symptoms on a daily basis, following which the app will share the government’s self-isolation guidance which will ensure that those who are symptomatic stay home of seek medical attention.

The app includes a range of functions including:

  • daily scheduled in-app push notifications for daily symptoms response
  • automated isolation prompts where applicable symptoms are logged
  • real-time alerts for COVID-19 cases and escalations
  • ability to submit key worker COVID-19 test results
  • in-app isolation update tracking to help colleagues and organisations better understand labour availability
  • trended reporting is also available on desktop

The Mo:dus COVID-19 symptom tracker is GDPR compliant, complements the NHS app already in circulation but implements a muc more user friendly interface to increase usage by employees.

“Through our Mo:dus technology platform, we have invested significantly in our communications to frontline staff to ensure that they self-isolate if they come under risk of contracting the virus. Our coronavirus symptom tracker app will allow our staff to self-report should they have symptoms or not. This not only prevents the spread of the virus between our teams and clients’ but it also offers people reassurance that we are doing everything in our power to protect one another,” said Churchill Group Managing Director, Anthony Law.

 “As part of Churchill’s ongoing investment in using digital tools to enhance our clients and our colleagues’ work lives, we have developed a new app, part of Mo:dus. The ethos of Mo:dus is to create transparency and aid our working lives, and this new COVID-19 symptom tracker app will help everyone to protect the wellbeing of colleagues, family and friends, and support organisations’ back to work plans. Now is the time to offer employees reassurance that employers are doing everything they can to protect their teams. The app allows organisations to harness valuable data to inform the right behaviours for the good of everyone”, added Churchill Director, James Bradley.