COMPASS contracts

G4S Care and Justice Services, part of the global secure solutions leader G4S, has become a preferred bidder to deliver transport, accommodation and related services to two regions in the UK, under the UKBA’s new COMPASS contracts

The contracts will replace the current services provided under the government’s Target and Transport Plus contracts next summer.

Under COMPASS, G4S would provide services for asylum applicants in:

  • Midlands and the East of England; and
  • North East, Yorkshire & the Humber

Richard Morris, Group Managing Director of G4S Care & Justice Services, said:

“As a long-standing supplier to UKBA, we are very pleased to have been awarded preferred bidder status for two COMPASS areas as this would represent an expansion to the range of services G4S can provide to the Agency.

“We are confident that our approach would improve the provision of accommodation for asylum applicants and their families. We would involve around over 100 strategic partners drawn from the private, public and voluntary sector, integrate transport services, provide asylum applicants with appropriate support and an excellent service, and give UKBA and the taxpayer continued value for money.”

G4S has selected United Property Management (UPM) as its primary housing partner (in England) and the charity Migrant Help as its strategic partner from the voluntary sector, backed up by Refugee Councils and local voluntary & community groups

COMPASS or ‘Commercial and Operational Managers Procuring of Asylum Support Services’ is the new name for the contracts which will replace over 30 UKBA contracts for accommodation and transport of destitute asylum applicants and families. These are currently provided under the Target and Transport Plus contracts. G4S is the incumbent provider of Transport Plus.

Under COMPASS three types of accommodation will be provided for asylum seekers: Initial (hostel type/full board); Dispersed (flats or houses/self-catering) and Section 4 (for those refused asylum ahead of deportation). The project will now go through a period of due diligence to endorse the decisions taken prior to formal contract award in February 2012.

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