G4S plc : G4S provides the world’s first mining-specific security training programme



G4S has launched the world’s first global mining-specific security training programme, as part of a drive to support the up-skilling of its workforce, whilst creating a sustainable business model for the future

The programme, which began earlier this year, provides far-reaching security training covering a diverse range of specific operational mining industry issues, including conflict management, CCTV control room operations and management and response team operations.

G4S employs 18,000 specialist mining security personnel across the globe and the intention is to have all staff undertake specialist training in the next few years.

With such a broad global customer base, G4S has developed a flexible programme which can be tailored to the specific needs of G4S clients, with training group sizes of 12 or fewer to ensure quality instruction throughout the training process.

Personnel with sector-specific training will help ensure best practice and the highest service standards across G4S’ offering of more than 100 integrated end-to-end secure solutions – the broadest in the industry.

The programme will help G4S to strengthen relationships with its mining customers by combining highly trained personnel with innovative technology to drive down costs and operational complexity and optimise security standards.

The development of skilled specialist personnel providing the highest standards of security for mining operations is a key priority for G4S – the company serves more than 350 mining customers at over 370 sites around the world.

Specialist security personnel who have undergone training through the new programme are already deployed in G4S’ African business across many sites.

In a further development, South Africa-based employees will soon benefit from a new training facility in the country, which is being opened in partnership with BHP Billiton. The facility will serve both employees on BHP Billiton sites as well as those of G4S’ other mining industry customers in the region. South Africa is a key area for G4S’s mining operations – the company is South Africa’s largest private employer, currently providing jobs to 14,000 people.

Andrew Hames, global mining director, G4S, said: “We are very proud to launch this programme – the first of its type in the industry. As a business, we understand the importance of creating a better equipped base of employees with the right skill sets and competencies to enable them to have a level of knowledge and skill to perform their respective roles.

“Whilst we already have a great team in place across our business, we are keen to ensure that our staff are able to continue to develop within their roles and improve their performance year-on-year.”