G4S warns of increased delays to UK rail and tube network unless ‘drastic action’ is taken

G4S Secure Solutions (‘G4S’), the UK’s leading security provider, is warning that travellers face more delays to the country’s rail network unless urgent action is taken to put effective security measures in place to prevent the theft of essential metal and cables.

Theft of copper cable is a particular issue as international copper prices have this week reached an all-time high.  Last year there were 5,000 incidents of metal theft on railway lines across the UK and the problem is expected to cost around £20 million by 2014.

G4S believes that the rail operators and owners need to work more effectively together to ensure that there are comprehensive security measures to prevent the theft of these metals.

John Whitwam, Managing Director, G4S Gurkha Services, said: “Over the last 12 months more companies have come to us for help in addressing the growing problem of metal theft.  We are already working with a number of energy and rail companies across the country to identify high risk areas for their business, using a range of resources which reflect the true level of crime and metal theft within a particular area.

“We have a range of services we are able to offer rail and utility companies including our highly trained Gurkha Services officers who are able to provide enhanced security for organisations with higher risk requirements, in order to enable the protection of key assets.  Our teams have already successfully deterred a number of attempted thefts on the UK’s rail network.”

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