ICTS Europe key sponsor at Counter Terrorism Conference in London

At the instigation of Shai Meirav, International Sales Director ICTS Europe, was a key sponsor at the two day Counter Terrorism Conference in London at the Russell Hotel, Russell Square on December 7th & 8th December, with top level speakers flying in from around the world.

Mark Hankey formerly with Her Majesty’s Royal Navy now with MUSC presented a paper entitled: ‘The Threat From The Sea – Why Is The Professional Management of the Maritime Terrorism Threat Crucial?’. MUSC (Maritime & Underwater Security Consultants) a division of ICTS Europe, leads the field in global maritime security with their team of professional, experienced Transit Consultants, having provided safe passage to numerous vessels through the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean with their understanding of the global piracy threat.

ICTS Europe Systems exhibited at the conference as the leading provider of security systems to the aviation sector. ICTS Europe Systems continues to seek new solutions in technology, infrastructure, integration, and customer services.

The ICTS Europe Systems mission is to constantly deliver improved and greater benefits to clients’, having the ability to respond immediately to the myriad of new regulations, and face with confidence the current and future challenges within the aviation space. The combination of advanced technological resources with expert and experienced personnel provides first‐hand knowledge and understanding of the specialist needs of the aviation industry marketplace through the creation of tailor‐made security solutions that are as effective in practice as in theory.

ICTS Europe Systems offers a broad range of pioneering technologies in aviation security and immigration, CBT and Assessment and general security management.

Diagnose™, ICTS Europe’s canine services division were represented by their UK colleagues showcasing the versatility of the use of specialist canines in security. In particular the DfT(Dept For Transport) approved ‐ REST (Remote Explosive Scent Tracing) RASCarGO™ solution allowing cargo too dense or too large to be screened by traditional x ray methods. In the UK, France and South Africa ICTS operate the REST programme (Remote Explosive Search Technique) under the brand name of RASCargO in the UK and Diagnose in France and South Africa. In the UK, ICTS pioneered this process in partnership with the Dft & DSTL and has been in operation for the past 6 years. It is only one of two companies in this country to be certified by the DfT to provide this service. This process allows for cargo that is either too dense or large to be x rayed. The method is used by cargo and logistic operators and major carriers and is becoming internationally acknowledged.

In addition ICTS Europe (and its subsidiaries) operate specialist canine services in the UK, France, Holland, Israel, Singapore and South Africa providing traditional search dog capability for drugs, weapons, explosives and currency.

The recent terrorist related incidents at Dubai and East Midlands Airports concerning PETN concealed in a cargo consignment resulted in media hysteria. Reports stated that PETN could not be found by (‘sniffer dogs’) canines, which is incorrect. PETN is an old and commonly used material to which specialist canines ‘if professionally operated’ would be regularly exposed and tested.

This, combined with in‐depth industry knowledge and sound commercial awareness, leaves ICTS Europe uniquely placed to offer state‐of‐the‐art systems designed by award winning programmers and security staff with extensive operational experience, a team which is always operationally sensitive to clients’ needs.

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