Leon Guarding & FM Ltd Appoint New Director

Senior management at Leon Guarding & FM Ltd, are delighted to announce the appointment of Tanveer Mahmood as their new Development & Operations Director. Mahmood, with 23-years’ experience in the security sector, shares the company’s merit-based vision and its commitment to establishing a leading position in the security industry.

Tanveer began as a security officer in 2001, he worked with nonpareil devotion and zeal, progressing through various roles such as Security Officer, Store Detective, Site Supervisor, Area Manager, Scheduler, Scheduling Manager, and National Operations Manager, ultimately ascending to the position of Development and Operations Director.

Under Mahmood’s guidance, the company should be all set to implement advanced technological and analytical strategies to offer sophisticated security solutions to its clientele. He has joined Leon Guarding and FM Ltd to bring about a revolutionary transition in service delivery, guaranteeing clients’ access to bespoke security services.

In Tanveer’s role as Development & Operations Director, Mahmood will focus on pivotal initiatives aimed at fostering growth and expanding the company’s direct client base. This encompasses the introduction of innovative security solutions tailored to address the distinct challenges faced by businesses across diverse industries. Furthermore, it involves the pursuit of fresh opportunities for client expansion through marketing endeavours and strategic alliances.

The Director of the company, Shahzad Sadique commented;

“We are delighted to extend our warmest welcome to Tanveer Mahmood as the steward of our developmental and operational endeavours, declared the director of Leon Guarding & FM Ltd. His extensive expertise and visionary outlook perfectly align with the company’s aspirations to propel forward, secure increased direct client partnerships, and set fresh standards within the security industry.”