Q1 Labs and the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) Commit to Developing Advanced Security Intelligence Technology

Q1 Labs, the global provider of total security intelligence solutions, today announced that it has become a member and official partner of the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) in Belfast, Northern Ireland. This further demonstrates Q1 Labs’ commitment to European security intelligence markets and builds on the company’s existing European efforts out of its distribution, R&D, sales and support centre, also located in Belfast.

“Joint research between academic, government and commercial researchers is very important to ensure that the security solutions necessary to safeguard critical infrastructures evolves rapidly,” said Brendan Hannigan, CEO of Q1 Labs. “Q1 Labs established a security research and development centre in Belfast over twelve months ago and we have grown that operation to over 25 people today. This research collaboration with CSIT will greatly expand our ability to innovate security intelligence solutions for our customers.”

The Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) is a new innovation and knowledge centre based at Queen’s University Belfast’s Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology (ECIT) in the Northern Ireland Science Park, Belfast. CSIT’s purpose is to create the security infrastructure needed to safeguard the trustworthiness of information stored electronically. With industrial partners, 60 researchers, and funding in excess of £30 million, CSIT is taking the European lead in researching commercial solutions for global markets.

“As well as informing our pioneering research, CSIT membership provides access to that research. We look holistically at cyber security to develop groundbreaking security technologies and we act as an honest broker in the industry, bringing together industry leaders, government policy makers and the best of academia,” said Stephen Wray, Commercial Director of CSIT “We are eager to work with Q1 Labs because of their dedication to providing security intelligence and thereby providing the most visibility available from the network security marketplace.”

Q1 Labs, as a sponsor and board member, will contribute extensively to CSIT’s research projects taking place at Queen’s University Belfast, including the implementation of the QRadar Security Intelligence platform in CSIT’s research lab. Q1 Labs continues to invest in the European marketplace, and by joining with CSIT and its members, gains access to emerging technologies in the rapidly evolving IT security environment.

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