Securitas Working with Homeless Charities & Sponsored Initiatives

Security Provider Securitas UK, has collaborated with homeless charities and sponsored initiatives aimed at providing hot meals and accommodations to individuals in need of these services. They have also supplied essential provisions to improve the quality of life for those they assist.

In partnership with Calderwood House in Cumbria, an organization dedicated to helping homeless individuals regain stability, BSIA’s charitable contributions have funded a bedroom for one year. Additionally, residents have gained access to various training programs, including Fire Marshall, First Aid, and Mental Health First Aid, along with support in improving their CV writing and interview skills. BSIA has also provided furniture and computer equipment for the communal “Hub” within the House, lent a minibus for day trips and their 12-week recovery recreational program, and procured warm clothing items like hats, gloves, jackets, and high-visibility outerwear for outdoor use. Their efforts have been recognized with a shortlisting as a Sustainability Social Value Champion at the BECBCA Awards.

Securitas UK has further collaborated with the Kokni Muslim Association, operating a homeless charity in Birmingham. The company raised £15,000 from the proceeds of its charity single, “Ascending,” composed and performed by its officers and staff. Securitas UK has contributed to funding more than 30,000 meals to date, ensuring the provision of an average of 150 hot meals every Friday and Saturday night until early 2024.

Shaun Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer for Central Europe at Securitas, who recently participated in distributing 100 hot meals and engaging with regular shelter attendees in Birmingham said, “I have witnessed first-hand how crucial our support is, how appreciated it is and how desperately needed it is; this is a company-wide effort that is so important to this community. It was a pleasure recently to sit and talk to the people we are trying to help, such as 85-year-old Frank, who relies on the shelter and our support; he spoke to me about the household bills he can’t afford and how he feels the local councils and society, in general, has let him and others down.

“Frank worked for 45 years – he shouldn’t be struggling through each day like he is”.