Security companies to benefit from greener, silent, off-grid power

Industrial gases and engineering business BOC has launched the Hymera DC, a hydrogen-powered fuel cell system capable of delivering 150W of DC power in off-grid and remote locations.

The Hymera DC incorporates an automatic battery charger, so that power can be maintained in locations where changing batteries is not practicable. In many applications it is a silent, cheaper and much cleaner alternative to diesel and petrol generators.

The Hymera DC is also ideal for providing power in hard-to-reach places. Advanced Monitoring, a CCTV and access control security group with offices in Limerick and Dublin, has been using the Hymera DC to provide discreet and zero-emissions power for its security cameras since May 2011.

Previously, the group had to change the batteries on their CCTV solutions every four to five days.

“You can imagine how disruptive that can be to a covert operation,” said Tom Ryan, Business Development Manager at Advanced Monitoring. “Using the BOC Hymera DC, our CCTV solutions can operate for around three weeks without interruption. Because it is silent and doesn’t require changing, no one is alerted to the presence of a camera.

“This is a product that will make a big impact, not only in the security industry but for any application that requires an unobtrusive, long-lasting and energy efficient power source.”

“The type of capability the Hymera DC offers is increasingly crucial in the portable power market,” said Stewart Dow, Packaged Energy Manager at BOC. “Businesses sometimes believe that cutting costs and carbon emissions are two conflicting goals, but with the family of Hymera products, this needn’t to be the case. With its high performance and low cost, the Hymera DC is now opening up a whole new range of exciting applications and opportunities.”

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