SmartSec Solutions wins 10 old Bailey Contract in London

SmartSec Solutions Security LogoSmartSec Solutions, a specialist front of house security provider, has been appointed by Colliers International to oversee security at the prestigious 10 Old Bailey, London. SmartSec has been working with Colliers for almost three-years across other London-based properties including at Idle Lane, Southampton Street, King Street, and Bartholomew Lane and this appointment adds to SmartSec’s growing corporate portfolio.

The three-year contract, starting in May 2021, will see SmartSec provide high-profile security service to welcome tenants and visitors as well as protecting assets, property and the occupiers.

10 Old Bailey is an eight-storey building across 86,625sq ft. St Paul’s Underground station is within 5 minutes of the building providing access to the Central Line. Thameslink and Blackfriars are also in close proximity.

Rachel McMahon, Colliers International Facilities Manager, said: “SmartSec’s staff are fantastic. They are great communicators and have always displayed that wow-factor. I know that I can approach Dele Ogunlaru and his team and speak openly and candidly to them. This personalised service is invaluable to Colliers and is what separates SmartSec from any other security provider I have previously worked with.”

Dele Ogunlaru, Director, Compliance & Key Accounts, comments: “First class security underpins everything. However, it’s also about solid customer service, good communication, and welcoming building tenants and visitors coming through that front door. We are the first person they see at the start of the day and often the last person they see when they leave. It’s about making a visit to the building an enjoyable experience, and that starts with the officer on the front desk.”