Ward Security 2012 Business Security Breakfast

Kevin Ward - Operations Director
Kevin Ward - Operations Director of Ward Security

Innovative bespoke security solutions provider Ward Security hosted its first ever breakfast briefing which focused on Business Security for the coming year.

The event held at KBC’s London headquarters in the City Of London on 29th November was intensive yet informative and provided an insight into how private security may develop in the future. It also highlighted how much of a forward thinking company Ward Security really is.

The event commenced with Operations Director Kevin Ward opening the proceedings and introducing the first speaker,of the City of London Police who is currently seconded to the Metropolitan Police and Association Of Chief Police Officers as the Security Coordinator for the London 2012 Olympics.

Inspector David Hargreaves of the City of London Police
Inspector David Hargreaves of the City of London Police

2012 Olympics Policing

Inspector Hargreaves delivered a comprehensive overview of the perceived risk and potential impact associated with the games on the business community. This included civil disobedience, travel disruption, demonstrations and of course, the threat of terrorism.

David was keen to stress that the games next year are “a sporting event with a security overlay” not the other way round.

David ended his presentation with the famous and poignant quote from Donald Rumsfeld “There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know”.

Peter Stein of Ward Security
Peter Stein of Ward Security

CCTV and associated technologies

Peter Stein of Ward Security and a fellow of the Security Institute gave an overview of CCTV design, operation and legal compliance. Peter, who holds a master degree in Security Management, addressed many misconceptions regarding registered data controllers and the pitfalls of failing to register with the information commissioner’s office. Peter then gave the audience some food for thought regarding their operational requirements when going through the procurement process.

Peter went on to explain best practice regarding data storage and access as well as control room procedures regarding access and release of data and authorizations that must be adhered to.

Peter gave a brief overview into the protection of freedom act and in particular the statutory codes of practice relating to CCTV including ANPR. The act is currently in progress and will be in place next year.

To conclude, Peter gave advice on lighting systems for CCTV and the advantages of using LED light for environmental as well as economic reasons.

Ali Tod - Ward Security Dog Trainer
Ali Tod - Ward Security Dog Trainer

Specialist search dogs

Ward Security Dog Trainer, Ali Tod, former Police Officer who served over thirty years with the Metropolitan and City Police delivered a flawless demonstration and presentation on explosive search dogs. Poppy the dog accompanied by handler Trevor King demonstrated a system of search that discovered a miniscule trace of explosives on a tiny piece of paper which was secreted in a cupboard.

Ali’s presentation that followed the demonstration was an overview of “actions on a find” talking through the steps an officer would take upon finding a suspicious substance or package. This included cordon distances, note taking and the “find pack” that is issued to all Ward Security dog handlers.

Counter terrorism security advisor David Jackson from the City Of London Police Counter terrorism and Serious Crime directorate
David Jackson from the City Of London Police Counter terrorism and Serious Crime directorate

Hostile Reconnaissance

Counter terrorism security advisor David Jackson from the City Of London Police Counter terrorism and Serious Crime directorate was the final speaker of the morning and focused on hostile reconnaissance.

David’s presentation gave an insight into the research that has been carried out in relation to historical international terror attacks such as the London attacks in 2007 and the Mumbai attacks in 2008.

David gave some excellent advice to the audience on techniques that can be applied when considering and identifying hostile reconnaissance as well as reporting it. David also gave advice on how to minimize hostile reconnaissance by considering online information and images that may be used by would-be terrorists or criminals.

This type of event with such knowledgeable key speakers was a welcome addition to the services that Ward Security currently offers to its core client base. This was apparent by the number of property managers and heads of security taking notes, handouts and asking questions in the room and this is why Ward Security has almost doubled its employee base within the last five years as well as diversified its product range from traditional static guarding, dog teams, property inspections and key-holding services to wireless intruder detection systems, CCTV installation, data compliance and reception concierge service.

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