Bob Forsyth – In order to achieve your goals, you must set some first

Bob Forsyth - Managing Director of MITIE Total Security Management
Bob Forsyth - Managing Director of MITIE Total Security Management

In his latest blog for, Bob Forsyth, Managing Director of MITIE Total Security Management, reflects on the recent announcement of him becoming the security industry’s most influential person. He advises how others in the security industry can achieve their personal career goals.

“I have had an amazing career in the security industry and one that has had a lot more ups than downs! One of the highlights of my 20 plus years was the recent accolade of ‘Most Influential Person in Security’ voted for by IFSEC Global – something I was truly honoured to receive.

“The security sector offers us all amazing opportunities to carve out a meaningful career. It provides many platforms for success, but also comes with extremely hard work, requiring serious commitment to succeed in a sector that is 24/7.

“I have always set consistent goals of achievement for my career and would urge others to likewise aim for achievable, but also flexible goals. Timing, as you know, is a huge factor in career progression – so don’t be disheartened if that promotion isn’t given at the exact time you expect it to – all sorts of issues can play into when progression is made. Being flexible with your ambitions will help account for this.

“One thing I have learned is that the speed of progress must be matched by your company, so I am so fortunate that Mitie has consistently met my aspirations. This isn’t always the case with every employer. For example, a previous employer was unable to keep pace with my sustained drive for more. I recall meeting the then MD of a previous employer and when I discussed my career and ideas to move forward the response was: “you have the ability but you may not fit the current structure and you need to do X, Y and Z”. What this meant in code was: ‘we are not ready to change the way we do things!’

“It’s also important to be realistic and truthful in your assessment of your own ability and desire; I meet a lot of people who are all looking for development in their own ways and this is the best option. Look to be the best you can be in your role and good things will happen.

“Lastly I want to encourage us all to start thinking about our industry in a new way and to consider a more modern approach to its thinking.  Rather than waiting for the client to lead us, now is the time to take innovative ideas to them. Some are still talking about ‘guarding’ companies:  we are not a guarding company – I’m not sure they even exist anymore. The sector is moving towards securing risk and in particular working with the latest technology and services to close the loop on those risks.

So best of luck to you in your career; set goals, work hard to reach them and be honest with yourselves in terms of your commitment and ability – and remember to think differently!”

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