Bob Forsyth – Security in an agile, integrated workplace

Bob Forsyth - Managing Director of MITIE Total Security Management
- Managing Director of MITIE Total Security Management

In his latest blog for, Bob Forsyth, Managing Director of MITIE Total Security Management discusses agility. Bob writes:

“At Mitie, we undertook significant research this year to help us really understand both the major issues and opportunities that are being encountered by FM and property directors.

“The research highlighted the importance of agile working, with it having a significant influence on the way FM and property directors plan and use property. This is largely driven by technologies that accommodate modern requirements for mobile and flexible working arrangements. Property directors forecast a significant reduction in space need over the next five years. So it’s essential that we understand how this impacts security.

“If organisations maximise business efficiency and reduce their property costs through site consolidation, does this automatically mean security provider’s portfolios will reduce? The answer is yes, unless you provide more than manpower and diversify your proposition.

“The arrival of agile working is bringing a sea change to the FM sector. And I think, to security as well. Clients want trend data and Management Information (MI) at their fingertips, regardless of whether they are in or out of the office. For the client/supplier relationship to succeed, we have to be able to meet their needs and adapt at the same pace.

“Agile working has long been a priority for Mitie’s total security management business. We have transformed the way we run our business to make it agile. This has enabled our teams to complement their clients’ way of working. By developing systems and providing tools, such as combining Mitsm and the use of tablets, we have increased the agility of our clients.

“A key part of the research was to look at how we will work in 2018. Excitingly, interviewees predicted that information processing will all be fully automated. This will free people up to concentrate on innovation and relationships – the important stuff! We are well on the way to achieving this. Core processes such as scheduling, KPI management and daily tasks have been automated through Mitsm. Our unique online system for managing all operational tasks such as holiday requests, pay queries, uniform ordering and scheduling is unique to Mitie’s offering. Meanwhile, operations management are equipped with tablets and smart phones, meaning they have more time to spend with clients.

“Allowing extra client attention is vital in a rapidly changing industry. Several of our clients are now taking a new approach to meeting and greeting. The movement away from a typical reception environment shows that the typical security presences of the past are being vastly improved. This new style still needs security, but we’re working with our clients to create the ‘business hotel’ feel.

“When changing the working environment, security should be a part of the design process, whether for systems integration or risk assessment for news ways of working. This should take into consideration who is employed, what they do, and when and where they work.

“An agile working environment demands agile security. This is embodied by the total security management ethos, which has moved away from commoditisation and towards strategic partnership. Agile workplaces are happening and it is not about making companies fit the needs of the security industry. We must support them in the future through data, flexibility and sustainable delivery.”

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