Bob Forsyth Video Blog – On-site control rooms – a thing of the past?

Bob Forsyth, the Managing Director of MITIE Total Security Management (TSM) introduces his second video blog on (his nineteenth feature overall) in which he discusses the progression and evolution of control rooms.

“Traditionally, control rooms were built into the fabric of the building, so as a building ages, so does the facility. On-site control rooms can be limiting as it is difficult to keep up with the speed of technology development in terms of software and hardware. Upgrading can involve significant CAPEX investment which in current times can be difficult to get sign off for, leaving companies to make do with systems that may not meet their needs.

“As an advocate of remote monitoring services, there are several benefits to large off-site facilities: as well as the ability to stay abreast of technical advancements, all alerts can be managed in one place, as real integration is possible in a full service outsourced technology centre, and a building’s risk can be entirely managed via a remote technology centre.

“In the main, I believe that on-site control rooms will eventually become a thing of the past. It’s a natural progression for organisations to have all signals and alerts managed in one place using the most up-to-date technology. This is a clear advancement for our industry and is an evolution that will drive integration.”

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With over 17 years’ experience in the security industry, Bob is a proven achiever at a high level. He is a strong relationship builder who is financially astute with excellent negotiation and communication skills, with the ability to work with people at every level. A team player, Bob is able to lead by example.

Bob was promoted to the position of Managing Director of MITIE’s security business in April 2010 after several notable achievements since joining the company in 2004, including his win of the prestigious MITIE new business award.

Having successfully implemented the merger with Initial Security in the Southern region and developing a profitable part of the business, Bob has continuously worked towards expansion including the implementation of the response service, and has significantly contributed towards year on year growth. In June 2009, Bob initiated the launch of the business’ total security management ethos; to take an integrated risk-based approach to security, incorporating people, technology and consultancy services.

Bob continues to move the business forward and has delivered record EBITA profit. He has increased business retention and launched new services lines including lone worker, void secure, employee screening, and security risk and business resilience. Under his leadership, MITIE’s total security management business has grown into an organisation with a turnover in excess of £280m. He takes every opportunity to promote MITIE’s presence within the industry through his involvement with industry bodies such as City Security and Resilience Networks (CSARN) and the British Security Industry Authority (BSIA).

A member of the Institute of Directors (IOD), the Security Institute and Resilience Industry Suppliers Community (RISC), Bob is championing the development of the security industry from a guarding-focused, low-end purchase, to a risk-based, technology-driven industry, and plans to work closely with the BSIA and his peers to accomplish this. Bob is passionate about the security industry and enjoys speaking at events such as TINYg in New York, CSARN conferences, and various other security and risk events.

Bob writes a regular blog for the internet news provider to share his vision of the industry’s future. He is also an avid tweeter; taking to the social media site to both promote his ideas and listen to others from around the industry.

In his spare time Bob enjoys sports and is a devoted West Ham fan. He also appreciates current affairs, military history and travel.

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