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Chris Cully,- Managing Director of risk & security management company, Dilitas
Chris Cully,- Managing Director of risk & security management company, Dilitas

Chris Cully, the Managing Director of risk & security management company, Dilitas writes exclusively for regarding the first week of the Olympics. Chris writes: “So, Super Saturday and the games we have awaited for so long are underway and have matched and, in most cases, surpassed all our expectations, notwithstanding the lamentable performance of the security company whose name shall not be mentioned.

“How has the security surrounding the games performed? Having spent the last two weeks trotting in and out of the Olympic Park & stadia therein, Hyde Park, the Beach Volley Ball and London from East to West and back, I am delighted to report that security is working and performing at the highest standards.

“The British Military have surpassed themselves and, at this time, their Olympic performance will register as one of their greatest achievements. Due to circumstances we have agreed not to mention, the Military were brought front and centre to provide the first line of defence around all the venues; and what a job they have done.

“A phalanx of smiley faces in operational uniform, bearing the flashes and cap badges of Regiments & Corps of Legends, greeting all-comers with warmth, perfect manners and the friendly disposition for which we Brits were and hopefully still are, universally known. If you own a guard company and want to see the very best of ‘Front of House’ skills, go and watch any of the Military personnel. Their performance is textbook.

“Combined with this is the highest degree of professionalism and skills in managing vast groups of people through security entry points and X-ray machines. If there are any security managers from several airports I could mention, whose security teams clearly do not have a clue, go and watch the Military. They have it nailed. A complete security curtain, delivered and managed by switched-on operators, completely focused on the job in-hand and employing common sense to their role. Brilliant.

“The first line of defence by the military has provided a huge security hill to climb by anyone intent on disruption. They would have made Wellington proud, forming the 21st Century version of the ‘Squares’ around the Olympics.

“Come on Cameron, let’s have a medal struck for all Military Personnel who served at the Olympics!

“The police have done a magnificent job, including our Country Cousins, who have arrived in a strange land with strange peoples and strange tongues. Everywhere the police have excelled. Those protecting the Torch have been superb. Another excellent performance shown across the World, protecting, encouraging the Torch bearers, working and exciting the crowd, ducking down to enable photos from the crowd and interdicting like lightning with fools who got to close.

“Police officers have filled the streets, demonstrating those skills that made the UK Police officer the best in the world; a determined presence, friendly face, a laugh and a joke coupled with advice and help and, occasionally, words of advice or immediate action. I believe, that so far, arrests related to the Olympics have not reached 3 figures.

“We have seen “Black Rats” on their police motorbikes, ‘High-Five’ countless spectators awaiting runners and cyclists, as they rode around the streets & roads of London and outlying Boroughs. The public have loved it! Their long lost and much sort after Bobby back on the Beat. Chief Constables and Commissioners, take note! This is what the public want and, strangely, it works!

“Behind all this public interaction has been the largest security operation ever planned, managed and delivered effortlessly by the Met and City police, with support of other Forces. This has been unseen by the public but has been the focal point on which the entire Olympic security programme has been delivered, in conjunction with Transport For London (TFL), all emergency services and civilian support.

“Interestingly, the Americans with whom I worked in the lead-up to the start of the games and several days after, all said that they had never seen a City so prepared since the Olympics in Salt Lake City. High praise indeed, especially when you compare the differing sizes of Salt Lake City and the mighty extent of Londinium.

“Shoulder to shoulder with the police and military have stood the civilian security teams; conducting the public, managing traffic, providing help and advice and, of course, delivering yet another level of security. In the main, their performance has been very good, especially considering that many have come into the industry for the first time specifically for the Olympics.

“With the civilian security teams have been the Olympic volunteers, ‘The Helpers’, who have been everywhere; on trains, tubes, buses, the streets, at venues and everywhere you looked. An ever-steady flowing wave of welcome, dressed in orange and purple.

“Congratulations must also go to Transport For London, the rail networks and other transportation groups. Despite the warnings of London grinding to a standstill, London has, in the opinion of your commentator, flowed with the ease of Mercury on glass. There has been the odd hiccup with the Central Line (well, when isn’t there?), but generally, the trains have rolled, the tubes have moved and the roads have flowed. A perfect example of Logistical Excellence.

“So a week gone and we are now in the swing of the Olympics. We watch and wait with baited breath as our Olympians plough up the medal tables and never has national pride and enthusiasm grabbed the nation as a whole. Here’s to the remainder of the Games and the ParaOlympics, that all will remain safe and secure.”

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