Chris Cully: “Go ahead, punk. Make my day”


Chris Cully
Chris Cully

Chris Cully, the Managing Director of risk & security management company, Dilitas comments on the latest decision of the CPS in not prosecuting Vincent Cook who grappled with two burglars.

Vincent Cook, a 39 year old husband and father, runs a courier and logistics business in Greater Manchester. Presumably a hard working chap, who provides local employment, pays his taxes and, who neither expected nor wanted two burglars standing at his door, when he answered it on the 18th September. One of the burglars, Raymond Jacob, had a knife with which Mr. Cook was threatened as the two burglars attempted to make their way into Cook’s home. However, Mr. Cook a man clearly possessed of “True Grit” and in the style of many a John Wayne western hero, grappled with both burglars in defence of himself and his home. During this struggle, Jacob suffered fatal stab wounds from his own knife. Jacob’s accomplice, in the true style of all such cowards and lowlife, ran off leaving his partner to die.

Naturally, police were called and Cook was arrested. Following several hours of interviewing Cooke was released on bail. On the 7th October, the CPS announced that they would not be charging Mr. Cook with any offences. Some criticism in odd quarters of the “Hang ’em High” club that Mr Cook let one of the perpetrators get away is, I think, a little unfair. After all, let’s face it, one out of two ain’t bad! After the verdict the whole of Middle England raised a mighty cheer. At last common sense, that proud and sound judgement that has been eroded by the onset of ‘human rights’ from the European Union seems to be making a welcome appearance.

This wholly proper and sensible decision by the CPS, to not prosecute Cook is the third decision on such a matter in as many months and a further step forward in re-affirming that an Englishman’s home is his castle and long may it be so. It shows reasonable force in defending your home is finally returning to acceptance by the CPS, following long years in the bleak hinterland of Blair and New Labour, when English law was ceded to the EU & the criminals. It comes as no surprise these decisions are being made at the very time David Cameron starts to gently prise the strangle hold of the Human Rights Act from the throats of the law abiding subjects of this realm. Well done that man! Prise not gently but rip aggressively and resolutely!

The decision not to charge Cook has the talking heads from the legal community sending dire warnings that this may start an “arms race” between burglars and homeowners. Those who live in the real world and have experienced life at the sharp-end, know full well that criminals are cowards. If villains believe homeowners will now be confident to exert reasonable force against them, they will think twice. So whilst it is a tragedy that the Jacob’s family have lost a son and father, they only have him and his criminal intent to blame. It was unlikely that Jacob and his gutless partner selected Mr. Cook as their debut into criminal enterprise.

The time now returns where UK homeowners, like the settlers of the old west, can defend their homes and families with reasonable force, knowing the law will support them. So, to all burglars and associated low life, be scared and be afraid and, do not be surprised if, from the stillness of the next house into which you break, you hear those chilling words “Go ahead, Punk. Make my day”!

Chris’ Cully’s career began with the Metropolitan Police in 1978, where he served for 7 years. During this period he served in Uniform, Special Branch and CID. He was then head hunted for the position of Loss Prevention Manager EMEA for the KFC Organisation, where he remained for 4 years. Chris remained in the Corporate world for the next 13 years, latterly working as the London Security Manager for PriceWaterhouseCoopers and then the Security Director for Guilbert Ltd. Chris then joined Greymans Ltd. as a shareholder and Director of Operations and remained with the company until 2010, when he founded his own risk & security management company, Dilitas Ltd. which he now runs from offices in Kingston, Surrey.

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