Chris Cully – Un-lucky 13!

Chris Cully

In his latest blog for, Chris Cully, Managing Director for Dilitas Ltd discusses modern Policing. Chris writes, “With the news that some police organisations are only going to investigate burglaries committed on the side of the street where the even numbers are located, the ever-increasing speed of demise of the UK police hit an all time low.

“The scheme, which must rank as the most ridiculous idea in the history of policing world-wide, is now being considered by some five other counties, after it was said the even number scheme had no impact on crime rates or public satisfaction, by Leicestershire police, who trialled this stupidity.

“I have tried to find out how this scheme has, according to police sources, “had no impact on crime rates”, but have been unable to track down the empirical data that supports this statement. As for public satisfaction, well no problem there, he public have no satisfaction in the police so, ergo, public satisfaction naturally would not be affected.

“Furthermore, this lunacy has apparently saved money. I fail to see how this saves money and, again, cannot find the empirical data that supports this statement. It is of course possible, the police consider part cessation of their work as a means of saving money.

“This follows hard on the heels of the illustrious Chief Constable of Chad Valley Police and Vice President of the Association of Chief Police Officers, Sara Thornton, who has admitted that the public should no longer expect police officers to turn up at their door if they are burgled. An absolutely staggering statement of self admitted incompetence and ineffectiveness.

“As a Chief Constable, it is her job, her primary objective to ensure police turn up to report burglaries, not slope shoulders and tell her customers not to hold their breath.

“During Thornton’s studies at the University of Durham and the Cambridge Institute of Applied Criminology, they probably missed the point that if you tell the local burglars you will only investigate crimes committed at even numbers, the smarter villains will focus on the odd numbers. Remember, smart, streetwise villains are a lot sharper than Chief Constables with Criminology degrees.

“The other concern is how long will it take before the insurance companies start increasing the premiums for properties with odd numbers. This is not a facetious comment, but a serious question.

“Just to give you an insight into how fast the rusted hulk of SS UK Policing is sinking with all hands, I thought you might like to review a conversation sent to me by an old and trusted chum, with a long and distinguished career in the Met spent at the front line of policing and not academia. He has given me permission to publish the e-mail he sent. Be prepared to gulp and gasp!

“At an evening dinner the other day, a serving officer told me openly, that the most recent recruits (his son, proudly joined ‘the best force in the world’) arrived for their first week at their training centre, to be greeted by – NO INSTRUCTOR at all!!!

“They took it in turns to train the class themselves, by reading from their manual and testing each other! Then, to add insult to injury, they were told that as there are not enough items of uniform to issue to them, that before they went out on attachment, they could look on eBay to find white shirts with pockets etc., so they could wear them while out on the streets, AND that while out on attachment to division, they should ask if they could ‘borrow’ a helmet as there are NOT ENOUGH to issue them personally to everyone!

“They should also ask if they could keep the helmet until after their passing out parade as there is no chance of getting their own before then.

“Suffice to say that the father of the ‘proud new officer’ was blushing all the way to his PayPal account to help his son buy his police issue clothing from eBay.

“What a sad state of affairs. I wonder where all the money has gone and why the criminals are getting the upper hand? Maybe some of the money spent on that discipline hearing you reported on the Dilitas Facebook page might be better spent elsewhere?

“Recently, you have heard I am sure about the police being told not to chase youths that commit robberies while riding motorcycles along the roads/footways because the poor little dears might fall off and get hurt/die in the chase.

“Well, the Commander for the Met’s Traffic Division hadn’t heard of that policy; and at a public meeting when challenged on this ‘fact’, was truly embarrassed when he heard that news.

“For me there are two parts to worry about. First, his lack of awareness of reality on the streets, and secondly, the fact that is allowed to happen in the first place! ‘The Prevention of Crime and Arrest of Offenders if crime is committed’. How do you achieve the first, of preventing crime, if the little dears don’t think you don’t care what they do?

“The Commander of Traffic has now vowed that he will not just challenge the wisdom behind the present thinking of not chasing these hell raisers, but will actively send his resources to the affected areas so they can do just that!

“My answer is to chase them until they stop finding it ‘fun’ to do these robberies, or die in the process! When do the public feel confident? When the Old Bill do something about crime!

“Soon, they’ll be telling the squads to stop shooting these terrorist types in case one of them, or their relatives sues the Job for compensation. To me, the kids on their motorcycles are worse than the terrorists. They are making the public at large afraid to sit down and enjoy our pavement culture styled coffee bars, for fear of having their hard earned property stolen. Civilisation?

“God bless us all…

“This is now what stands between the law abiding members of society and the avalanche of criminal chaos, that is waiting to come crashing down upon us.

“In case this is read by any Chief Constables or similar, I would be happy to help to produce the blue print that would enable you to turn this round and start doing what the police should be doing, “prevent crime and then next, the detection and arrest of offenders”, regardless of which side of the street they operate on.”

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