According to recent research by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), attacks against cash-in-transit (CIT) couriers remain a serious problem, despite offenders standing an increased chance of getting caught. James Kelly outlines his plans to help the industry fight back.

With a new Government due to be in place within days, the BSIA is calling upon all political parties to renew their commitment to tackling cash-in-transit CIT crime. While 2010 has seen a positive reduction in CIT crime to date, experience from previous years has taught us that complacency is simply not an option. The current Government has shown much commitment to working with the private security industry to tackle the issue of CIT crime, and this is an issue that the BSIA intends to carry forward to the new Government.  It is imperative that the new Government recognises that where such violent and prolific crime is concerned, all stakeholders need to remain one step ahead of the criminal in order to achieve a significant reduction in CIT crime.

CIT crime is not just a business crime, with couriers risking injury – or worse – almost constantly in the performance of their day-to-day duties. 2009 saw over 1000 attacks against CIT couriers, who often suffer long-term physical and psychological effects. As such, the BSIA also needs the continued support of local authorities in order to ensure the safety of CIT couriers as they go about their business. In particular, it is important for local authorities to understand the unique nature of CIT vehicles and that parking as close as possible to their destination is integral to the safety of the couriers as they make the trip across the pavement. As such, the BSIA intends to continue its work in appealing against penalty charge notices, particularly within London boroughs. 

Through ongoing investment in intelligence and technology, the BSIA members aim to take preventative measures in combating CIT crime. Reducing CIT attacks is never going to be an easy task, however two things are certain – more resources than ever before are being invested into preventing CIT attacks, and it is the responsibility of the new Government to ensure the safety of the individuals at risk from such violent crime, by working in partnership with industry.

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