Counter Terror Expo 2013 – NaCTSO to advise businesses on their security requirements

Counter Terror Expo 2013
Counter Terror Expo 2013

In their latest feature for, Counter Terror Expo 2013 highlights the NaCTSO awareness campaign taking place during the 2 day show.

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) will be conducting an awareness campaign at Counter Terror Expo, 24 – 25 April 2013, Olympia, London, on stand number D40 to engage with the security industry to offer protective security advice and help educate the industry on security solutions that meet the required specifications and standards.

NaCTSO will have a number of advisors, including Counter Terrorism Security Advisors (CTSAs) to engage with industry and provide specialist advice against the evolving terrorist threat.

Their presence at the leading counter-terrorism and security event will help visitors responsible for protective security engage with NaCTSO to understand the UK government’s counter terrorism strategy and how to ensure they are adequately protecting people, property, and places from the evolving threat.

NaCTSO contributes to the UK government’s counter terrorism strategy (CONTEST) by supporting the Protect and Prepare strands of that strategy. NaCTSO counter terrorism and security work is divided into three areas:

  • Protection of crowded places;
  • Protection of hazardous sites and dangerous substances; and
  • Assisting the CPNI to protect the Critical National Infrastructure

NaCTSO staff can offer specialist advice regarding the security of explosives and pre-cursor chemicals (including fertilisers), pathogens and toxins, radiological sources and other toxic chemicals. NaCTSO also provide guidance in relation to business continuity, designing out vehicle borne terrorism, the protection of crowded places and reducing opportunities for terrorism through environmental design.

To achieve national delivery, NaCTSO supports a nationwide network of specialist police advisers known as Counter Terrorism Security Advisers (CTSAs).

The core role of all CTSAs is to identify and assess local critical sites within their force area that may be vulnerable to terrorist or extremist attack, then devise and develop appropriate protective security plans to minimise impact on that site and the surrounding community. Additionally, they will promote awareness of the terrorism threat and develop positive ongoing relationships with the local business community, partner agencies and site owners to encourage a co-ordinated approach.

CTSAs work closely with representatives of trade organisations and professional bodies to ensure counter terrorism protective security advice is incorporated into general crime prevention regimes.

Visitors to Counter Terror Expo will be able to meet CTSAs on stand number D40.

Counter Terror Expo, 24 – 25 April 2013, is a secure event and all attendees must pre-register in advance on their website to pass through the relevant security checks.