Counter Terror Expo 2013 – Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Terrorist Attacks

Counter Terror Expo 2013
Counter Terror Expo 2013

In our fourth feature article from Counter Terror Expo (CTX) 2013; speaker at the event, Peter Clarke, Associate, Peter Clarke Associates and Former Assistant Commissioner and Head of the Counter Terror Command, Metropolitan Police; gives a preview of his upcoming CTX conference session on Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Terrorist Attacks.

Peter writes; “21st Century crises are becoming more complex, geographically dispersed and difficult to resolve. Global communications, the dispersal of critical national infrastructure beyond national borders and 24 hour media coverage have had a profound impact.”

“We have become all too familiar with the wickedly difficult problems presented by terrorists who have learned from the mistakes of their forbears, hone their craft in cyberspace and deliver their destructive effect at a time and place of their choice. Lives are often at stake, but so too are individual and corporate reputations.”

“We need to understand the particular risks and specific challenges that modern crises generate. Every enquiry into recent major incidents reveals simple issues that could have been addressed and resolved if the planning and training for responders at all levels had been bespoke and relevant to the actual task in hand.”

“However, the simple fact is that crisis management training is usually generic and therefore a waste of much time and money. While there are of course some basic principles, it is futile to impose a template response on each and every location, situation or crisis.”

“A better approach is to draw together all levels of strategic and operational delivery, drawing on both ‘blue’ and ‘green’ skillsets, before spending vast amounts on possibly nugatory or irrelevant training and exercising programmes. It will expose what are very often simple issues that would otherwise prevent a successful resolution.”

“This approach is relevant not only to CT crises, but also to natural disasters or any other type of event that demands a co-ordinated and professional response.”

“This session will be delivered by professionals with unrivalled experience in real crisis management and resilience.”

“Over many years they designed and delivered a unique methodology that has been proven in the public and private sectors, in the UK and worldwide. They will demonstrate a tried and tested approach that identifies the actual issues that are relevant, and only then moves on to develop doctrine, training and exercise programmes.”

Peter Clarke is an Associate at Peter Clarke Associates and was also Former Assistant Commissioner and Head of the Counter Terror Command at the Metropolitan Police.

Peter will be speaking along with Malcolm Baker and Philip Hannah in the session Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Terrorist Attacks, 1120-1200, Thursday 25 April 2013, within the Critical National Infrastructure conference stream at Counter Terror Expo 2013.