Customers will pay more for good service, and there is proof of his within our industry says Skills for Security Chief Executive, David Greer. He cites the example of a very well known elder statesman of the security industry made his fortune by charging realistic prices that reflected the investment he made in caring for and developing his employees. He refused to compromise standards to win contracts and if potential customers were not prepared to pay the right price he went off and found others that were. He built the biggest security company in Europe on the principle that quality commands a premium that people will pay  – not easy, particularly in a recession, but not impossible either.

Study after study has proved the benefits of investing in training. Training not only creates people who can do the job better, but their employers get happier clients, can command higher prices, enjoy improved workforce morale, lower staff turnover, increased loyalty and better quality job applicants – those who are looking for careers rather than just a stop-gap job.

In short, it makes very good business sense to build a workforce that is competent, confident and cognisant – and that’s what training gives you. Of course, training costs money: any investment incurs cost. But the point of investing is to earn a better return on that money than you would get by saving it or spending it elsewhere. And investing in your people to improve the service they deliver to your customers is the soundest of investments – you get to keep your customers. Keeping your customers is not only good for your bottom line, it’s one less customer that your competitors have.

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