Martin Gill – The Security Industry needs your Input

Prof Martin Gill, the Director of Perpetuity Research & Consultancy International (PRCI) Ltd

With the regulator of the private security industry, the Security Industry Authority, having demonstrated its willingness to listen to the views of the industry’s stakeholder it is vital that everyone has their say. Prof Martin Gill, the Director of Perpetuity Research & Consultancy International (PRCI) Ltd, writes exclusively for stressing the importance of participation in the latest SRI Survey. Martin writes; arguably, there has never been a more critical time for the security sector to make its voice heard. The regulator is seeking to understand security sector views, and other changes in the economy are affecting the conditions in which security is operating. Here is an opportunity to express your view, in the largest survey of the UK security sector ever conducted. We need your feedback. So much so that we have extended the deadline for you to complete the survey until 20th February. It will only take minutes to complete. The survey is aimed at:

1. Directors and Managers of a company providing security goods and/or services

2. Buyers of security goods and/or services (e.g. Security Managers/Directors of corporations and public/voluntary bodies, Facilities Managers and Procurement specialists).

3. Security officers or supervisors of security officers who undertake security guarding duties. This covers static and patrolling duties protecting company assets, Cash and Valuables in Transit work, Close Protection, Door Supervision, Public Space Surveillance (CCTV), Immobilisation, restriction and removal of vehicles and Key Holding.

Please access the survey at:

This is a unique opportunity to have your say, and to encourage all your colleagues and peers to have a say too. Please complete the survey now and encourage others to do the same. The findings will be made available free of charge.

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