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Michael Lamoureaux, Managing Director Security at Servest Group
Michael Lamoureaux, Managing Director Security at Servest Group

Micheal Lamoureaux, Managing Director Security at Servest Group, writes for Infologue for the first time. He discusses how technology advances have an impact on security.

“Advances in technology in the last few decades have changed the way we work and live. Who knows what all of this change will mean for the security industry. It might not be too long before CCTV and remote monitoring technology is so advanced that manned guarding solutions are near extinct.

“The benefits of remotely monitored CCTV over a typical manned guarding solution are numerous. It vastly reduces the risk of human error; it allows significant commercial savings (around 70%); it cannot be threatened; and it does not need to have welfare facilities and break periods. And since the CCTV is remotely monitored, there is still a human presence.

“CCTV and remote monitoring works best for premises that are void at times, such as at nights and over weekends. With the building then secured and alarmed, the system constantly monitors the premises and can respond to alarm activations, negating the need for regular mobile patrols that provide limited resilience. In the event of a break-in, an audible announcement is made, with over 90% of intruders leaving the property, together with a deployment of a rapid mobile response unit thus ensuring no or limited damage.

“Out-of-hours businesses are most at risk, according to the Home Office crime against business report in 2012. It found that 76% of intrusions with entry to the business took place during the evening or at night between 6PM and 6AM, when the premises are more likely to be vacant. Similarly, 79% of all attempted intrusions took place during the evening or at night.

“Technology can even enable our industry to offer much more besides the usual security provision. An integrated security system can also monitor everything fromfire alarms to integrated mechanical and electrical systems, and offer a complete management and reporting package.

“So, given all of the benefits, why is there not a wider take-up of the technology?

“For some, it’s a case of preferring to do things the way they have always been done. But in a fast changing world, this approach can leave them at a significant disadvantage.

Others see the benefits of using a remote monitoring provision but also need that personal touch. They want their officers to also perform a front-of-house role; to act as ambassadors of the brand and positively impact the guests’ experience and perception of the company.

“But the fact is that officers, customer-facing or not, can be more effective when supported by technology. In a rapidly changing world, technology will play an increasingly big part in providing our clients with the security that they need in line with their budgets. As a business, we are staying ahead of the game, by increasing our R&D budgets, becoming innovation champions and trialling new technology approaches in partnership with our clients.”

Michael began his career in the industry as a security officer some 18 years ago and quickly progressed through the ranks, holding senior management positions for SME and PLC businesses and delivering total security solutions across various sectors.

Michael has achieved numerous successes in his career ranging from significant business growth by understanding Servest’s customers’ needs to the delivery of service excellence. He is passionate about service delivery and exceeding customers’ expectations while focusing on engaging with the team at every level.

His ambition is to develop Servest’s security division to be a top 5 provider while having the most highly motivated team delivering and exceeding Servest’s clients’ expectations.

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