Recognising excellence, celebrating heroes

Doug Hewitson - Managing Director of G4S Secure Solutions Group
Doug Hewitson - Managing Director of G4S Secure Solutions Group

Doug Hewitson, the Managing Director of G4S Secure Solutions (UK) introduces his seventh blog on Doug writes: “In a blog post earlier this year I wrote about how people are the most valuable asset in the security industry. I believe that we can never overstate this, nor can we ever overstate the importance of recognising excellence in our people

Each and every day security officers in all fields of our incredibly varied industry go the extra mile in delivering for our customers by doing outstanding things like saving lives, putting out fires, fighting off thieves and intruders, and much much more.

But most security officers do not even regard what they’re doing as outstanding or exceptional, because to them exceptional is normal and all a part of the job. I passionately believe we should recognise excellence, reward it and shout about it.

Industry awards like those run by the BSIA are a great way of celebrating a wide range of fantastic achievements of individual officers and teams. This year I’m hugely proud of the officers and teams from G4S who scooped six regional BSIA awards in a range of categories from ‘best use of technology’ through to ‘outstanding act’.

Making sure officers get the recognition they deserve via awards programmes, like that of the BSIA, is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. This is a view shared by all of my senior management team.

Take, for example, security officer Darren Douglas whose quick reflexes and professional instinct saved the life of a customer who had collapsed at the West Bromwich Job Centre.

Similarly, let’s not forget the Gurkha Services team down at the Hinkley Point C nuclear build in Somerset, recognised for its superb team work at the sensitive site. We should also say “well done” to Colin Robertson whose innovative approach to technology at Glenmorangie’s HQ in Scotland is treasured by the company. This is only a tiny snapshot of those who have been celebrated by the BSIA for their achievements in going above and beyond.

But as an industry it’s also important that we use our internal structures to celebrate achievements. At G4S we realised we could do even more to extend recognition to examples of excellence in a committed, talented and varied workforce. Each month we now celebrate the endeavours of employees as a part our ‘Local Heroes’ campaign. Be it at work or in outside voluntary activities, we want to shout about employees who do great things, ensuring they’re recognised by friends and colleagues, family and communities. Nominations come in and we put it to a poll of employees who then decide the winner. You know what, it really works in highlighting the great things our employees do.

Some critics of the industry make jibes that security firms can be faceless and cold. As an industry we should work to challenge that incorrect perception. I’m determined to show that we’re not faceless and that we’re built up from thousands of faces, each with an individual story to tell”.

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Doug Hewitson has over twenty-five years of experience in the security industry, having started out in 1987. He joined Securicor following its acquisition of Shorrocks in 1996, where he had been Regional Director for Scotland. After working as Area Director for Securicor in the North, Doug was appointed Managing Director of Securicor Aviation in 2001. The same year he became Managing Director of Securicor Security, serving until 2005 after which he worked on the integration of sectors following the merger of Group 4 and Securicor creating what is now G4S. He has been Group Managing Director of G4S Secure Solutions UK since February 2007 heading up the security solutions arm of G4S in the United Kingdom.