Annually, the SIA holds an independent review “to ensure that the Approved Contractor Scheme continues to serve the needs of security suppliers and buyers, and to identify any ways in which it may be improved.” As part of the review in 2010 the ACS are canvassing the views of suppliers and buyers of security services in an online survey.

When it comes to the Security Industry Authority’s Approved Contractor Scheme everyone has an opinion and unsurprisingly each one is different. There are those who believe that the entry threshold is too low and in contrast there are those who believe the threshold is too high. It is therefore important for every relevant stakeholder (buyers and suppliers) to participate in this survey. would like to encourage those stakeholders to take part in this survey to ensure that the SIA are able to assess fully the industry’s views on the ACS. If you have something to say – tell the SIA!!!

The questionnaires can be found here and must be submitted by Tuesday 4 May.
Non-ACS suppliers
ACS suppliers

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