ACPO comment on HMIC review of policing protest

ACPO responds to an HMIC review calling for police to remain adaptable to the changing nature of protests.

ACPO lead on public order and public safety Temporary Chief Constable Sue Sim said:

“The police service is constantly adapting to the challenges posed by public order policing. There is no doubt that the face and shape of protests continues to change and we continuously learn from sharing our knowledge and experience of facilitating protests across the country.

“The service has a clear commitment to ensure peaceful protest can take place and balance the rights of everyone involved – whether taking part in protest or going about their daily business.

“The Keeping the Peace manual of guidance has reshaped the nature of modern protest policing, but we acknowledge that there is more work that we need to do. We will continue to work with HMIC and all forces to ensure that we continuously adapt to the need of keeping order and protecting the public.”

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