Bradford criminal ordered to pay back ill-gotten gains

At Bradford Crown Court today (8th July 2011) His Honour Judge Benson determined that Johnny Daniels, who was convicted of money laundering offences in September 2010 had benefited by £1,038,540.33 from the proceeds his crimes and made a confiscation order against him to the sum of £479,146.74.

Daniels will be required to pay back this sum within 6 months or face a further term of imprisonment of three and a half years if he defaults.

Daniels, 37 of Cutler Heights Lane, Bradford, pleaded guilty at Bradford Crown Court on 6 September 2010 to one offence of deploying an unlicensed security operative, plus one offence of converting criminal property and four counts of being concerned in money laundering.  He received a 12 and 6 month concurrent sentence which he is currently serving.

The North East Regional Asset Recovery Team (RART) worked in partnership with staff from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) in their investigation and identified that Daniels was operating as J. D. Security or J. D. & Sons without a licence.  Licences are granted by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) only to those who have received the relevant training and successfully completed the vetting, which includes a criminal records check, to ensure that they are fit to hold a licence.

Not only was Daniels aware that he needed a licence to run his business, but enquiries revealed that Daniels had been paid in excess of £260,000 by numerous construction companies across Bradford for providing them with security guards between March 2006 and August 2007.

Speaking of the case, His Honour Judge Benson acknowledged that the case had been a complex one and thanked the RART Financial Investigator personally for conducting such a thorough investigation.

Head of the RART, Detective Chief Inspector Lisa Atkinson said:

“This case illustrates that we remain committed to using innovative ways to disrupt and dismantle criminal activity; especially that which posses a threat to our communities. In this case, working closely with the SIA to tackle individuals engaged illegally in the “security” industry really paid off as not only has Daniels been brought to justice but now his assets have been removed through confiscation proceedings.  This is an excellent example of what can be achieved though effective use of the Proceeds of Crime Act and working in partnership.  We will continue in this way to ensure that criminals do not profit from their ill-gotten gains.”


Dave Humphries
Dave Humphries

SIA Director of Compliance and Enforcement, Dave Humphries, said:

“Daniels showed a blatant disregard for the law, and was therefore targeted by the police and the SIA. The courts have recognised the seriousness of his offences in sentencing Daniels to prison and by awarding this confiscation order today. This case sends out a clear message to those thinking of working illegally in the private security industry; break the law and you will face severe consequences.”

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