BSIA Cash and Property Marking section pledges to safeguard the interests of customers

As part of its commitment towards promoting high standards in the sector, members of the Cash and Property Marking (CPM) section of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) recently launched their own Code of Ethics relating to product marking and asset databases.

The document aims at safeguarding the interests of end users of cash and property marking solutions, by providing clear guidelines on the way business processes are followed by all BSIA CPM member companies. It covers areas such as the way members agree to handle the marketing and advertising of goods and services, the quality of the manufacture of products, written terms and conditions of supply, compliance with all legal requirements and after-sales service and technical support. The Code of Ethics comes only months after the launch of a Cash and Property Marking Code of Practice, which gave guidelines for good practice to look after the interests of end users and specifiers of asset marking systems available on the market.

Chris Taylor, Chairman of the BSIA’s Cash and Property Marking section
Chris Taylor, Chairman of the BSIA’s Cash and Property Marking section

Chris Taylor, Chairman of the BSIA’s Cash and Property Marking section, commented: “Cash and Property Marking section members have the common goal of deterring theft and other crimes by rendering stolen goods useless through covert or overt security marking. They do this whilst advocating transparency and quality of processes, and the compliance with industry standards.

“BSIA membership already proves our section members’ commitment towards promoting quality standards within our industry, so the creation of the Code of Practice, and, more recently, the Code of Ethics go one step further in demonstrating how exactPreviewly we plan on achieving this within our sector.

“Whilst the Code of Practice was more of an educational tool for end-users to understand the products and services we provide, and how to recognise reputable security providers, the Code of Ethics is a means to safeguard the interest of BSIA CPM customers, who are free to refer to it should they have any concerns on their dealings with a BSIA member company. Both documents are important for the development of our section, to highlight the extensive work we have been carrying out, and to provide end-users with further proof of the clear benefits associated with doing business with BSIA member companies when procuring cash and property marking solutions.”

The BSIA’s product marking and asset database Code of Ethics is available upon request. The section’s Code of Practice is freely available for download from the BSIA’s publications page of the website (form number 291).

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