BSIA welcomes new online guide to guard force motivation

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has welcomed the publication of a study into employee motivation in the security guarding sector, which has informed a useful new guide for security managers and supervisors.

Entitled ‘Motivation within the Security Sector’, the guide provides practical advice on methods of assessing motivation within the guard force, including a short validated questionnaire, and useful guidance on how to address any issues identified.

Commissioned by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, the guidance was developed by Booz & Company, whose interviews and consultation with security officers, supervisors and senior management at over fifteen CNI sites across the UK were supported and assisted by the BSIA and its members.

David Evans
David Evans

BSIA Director, David Evans, comments: “Motivation plays an important role in an industry where employees provide essential protection to buildings, valuable equipment and members of the public. Although developed initially as an aid to improve effectiveness in securing the national infrastructure its guidance is equally applicable to all sectors protected by the guarding industry. The insight it provides will prove indispensable to all organisations across the national infrastructure, whose essential role in ensuring the country’s resilience will benefit hugely from a motivated, observant workforce. As such, this is a very important study and one which BSIA members have welcomed wholeheartedly.”

Bill Muskin
Bill Muskin

Bill Muskin, whose BSIA member company had an input into the study, added: “The UK terror threat continues to be a reality, so it is important to ensure cohesion and maximum efficiency of all areas involved in the security of our country, to guarantee the best possible level of protection of the population and our critical national infrastructure.

“Security officers in particular are an essential tool for the safeguard of our nation, so getting the best out of these members of staff is paramount to any security strategy. For this reason, officers must not only be adequately selected and trained, but also consistently valued for the vital contribution they make. We therefore welcome this CPNI document, which provides security managers and those with responsibility for the management of security personnel with invaluable guidance on how to motivate their staff, to ensure consistent effectiveness and efficiency of the security services provided.”

The guidance has officially been launched online and is accompanied by a series of briefing sessions, run by CPNI and Booz & Co to help end users understand the background to the guidance and how it can be utilised in the field.

The guide can be accessed via the following link:

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