CCD appointed to develop a testing process including human factors which could be part of security equipment assessment

The Home office has contracted human factors and ergonomics design consultancy CCD to conduct research into a potential ‘Human Factors Testing Process’ for security screening measures. The new tests could supplement and augment the existing testing regime for security equipment.

John Wood, CCD’s Executive Chairman will lead the project at CCD. He says, we’ve been asked to assess the need for a Human Factors Testing Process which will fit into the existing test regimes for equipment assessment, particularly with a view to extending their range to include usability issues. The process we deliver will include consideration of equipment, procedures, facilitates and training requirements. The programme will also review other existing testing regimes both in UK and abroad ensuring that the processes developed, if deemed appropriate, can be incorporated in the other test houses with minimum disruption.

This project is funded under the innovative research call in explosives and weapons detection (2010) initiative, a cross-government programme sponsored by a number of government departments and agencies under the CONTEST strategy. The aim is to maximise effectiveness of security screening equipment by assessing usability issues such as how products integrate into the working environment. Security screening equipment is already subject to a wide range of technical tests in order to achieve accreditation, and the new Human Factors Testing Process will seek to improve on that further.

CCD has been involved in security-related projects including the Home Office, HM Prison Service and UK and overseas police service since the late 1970’s ensuring equipment and facilities are both practical and easy to use.

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