CCTV leads to arrests following student protests

CCTV cameras have played a vital role in bringing to justice those responsible for the violent disorder at last week’s large-scale student protests in Millbank, London.

Two more arrests were made yesterday following CCTV footage being released to the public, bringing the total number of arrests made over the violence and damage to property to 61.

Pauline Norstrom, Chairman of the CCTV Section of the British Security Industry Association, comments: “The recent arrests in relation to the events at Millbank Tower certainly underscore the vital role that CCTV plays in the fight against crime and disorder. Thanks to the widespread use of this technology across our town and city centres the police, in the aftermath of last week’s high profile events, have been able to review vital CCTV images to piece together specific incidents, identify the prime offenders and make high-profile calls for public support in their enquiries.

“For our part at the BSIA, as an industry body, we will continue to promote CCTV best practice working with key parties, including the police, so that the full potential of this crime fighting tool can be realised on the ground.”

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